PS3 Fanboy hands-on: echochrome

PS3 Fanboy writes:

"What a difference two buttons can make. We tested a new build of echochrome, and we found the new demo to be even more enjoyable than our last session at TGS. Why, you ask? (Amuse us, if you will.) There are two reasons: the Triangle and X buttons. Granted, they may have been in the Tokyo demonstration, lost to us in our inability to firmly grasp the Japanese language. Regardless, these two new buttons change the overall flow and feel of the game."

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Thargoth4736d ago

That's the thing that all PSN games should be described as in the future.

PimpHandHappy4736d ago

and this game seems to challenge the ole brain

good stuff

just got Unreal

PSN: ElwoodBlues

DarkSniper4736d ago

Echochrome is one of the prime examples of why PLAYSTATION 3® is proving itself to be one of the technological masterpieces of electronic history.

This is a rewarding and fresh puzzle game with an engine that has never been seen in history. Microsoft never has and never will show the testicular fortitude to produce such simple, yet challenging games for their XBOX 360 platform.

With the Playstation, consumers are promised the innovative and mind challenging games such as Echochrome and past games like Intelligent Qube.

Now is a great time to be a PLAYSTATION 3® owner and I highly advise everyone to PLAY B3YOND.


ambientFLIER4735d ago

Can you type normally, for once? Stop with the trademarks, and referring to yourself in the third person. God, you are just braindead, aren't you.

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