New 40Gb PS3 Dissected

This story shows every step of the process of breaking down the 40 Gb PS3 and evaluates the differences in the composition of the latest SKU.

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no_more_heroes4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

prevents me from buying this. Why?

1. The ps2 is my little sister's, not mine and she doesn't like anyone touching her stuff.
2. No space in my room for another console. having a ps3 I would also have a ps2 and ps1 so that I can get rid of my ps1 and not have to rely on my selfish little sister's ps2.

This is how I see it:
360: 360, xbox(yes, the games that I have all work on it)
PS3: PS3, PS2, PS1
Wii: Wii, Gamecube(which I didn't have), N64(also didn't have it), SNES, NES

What's also good is that all three can be stood up on their side, taking up less space, but above is why the ps3 still cost $500 for me. That's why I'm not buying one until KH3 comes out (when the price is within my range). Not because I don't want to, I just can't. When it reaches under $400, like the 360 at $350, then I'll think about buying it. Why I don't have a Wii is because I've never been able to find one and the 360 and ps3 are priority. Might have to buy the ps3 last though.

SweeneyTodd4734d ago

you can buy a ps3 for 400 now, or is that too expensive still?

no_more_heroes4734d ago

I'm just saying that I would buy the 40GB package if it still had the ps2 back-compat in it.

raub4735d ago

if i didnt already have a 60 Gb PS3 I probably would have bought this one, i dont play any PS2 games anymore. They look like utter crap on the PS3 anyway

aiphanes4735d ago

You will never miss PS2 compatibility..Sony was smart for removing it if they price saved us $100. After you play MGS4, Burnout paradise, UT3, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, will never ever play a PS2 game. Actually the PSP is getting better than the PS2....

And it will interface with all PS3s...

raub4735d ago

good points +bubbles

clevernickname4735d ago

"Unlike older, Juan is not under the heat sink"

Thank goodness. I was worried for Juan.

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