Howard Stringer speaks Blu-ray

Despite the continuing success of Blu-ray, many pessimists continue to nit-pick Sony's every move and comment as proof that they are not fully committed to the high definition platform anymore.

However, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer recently made a few comments about Blu-ray in which the media totally had a field day with. It was turned around to make it seem like Sony is losing focus and confidence in the format.

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hardmetal4735d ago

Don't anticipate Mr.Stringer. We've already done that!

Nameless4735d ago

This guy is starting to get more annoying then Jack Thompson

DFresh4735d ago

Why would they stop supporting it?
They're winning over HD DVD by a landslide and they're using it in games, etc.
Seriously now anyone who spends millions develop anything is going to stick to it 1000% of the time or else what's the point.

cuco334735d ago

In Japan it could be considered a landslide.

In Australia where things have only begun, it could be considered a landslide.

Europe, not so much but has potential to get there.

In the US, it's far from a landslide. And the US market is also the biggest and most important one.

Let me ask all you Blu supporters... Explain to me how DRM, region coding and having Sony make films, press disks, make the most hardware, and have one of the most patents is good for business? Need we not forget that Sony has fumbled numerous times on a format? Or that only a few years ago (2-3?) they were guilty of packing DRM code into CDs?

See the disk itself is superior to HD DVD but the format itself not. I refuse to pick blu unless blu were the only choice...

N4G Admins are Gay4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

They may be winning the numbers game but given how much Blu-Ray has cost Sony. To both their reputation and annual profits. They could increase their lead over HD-DVD 50 to 1 and still lose. Blu-ray will never come close to DVD in market share and movie studios will never support Sony in any future media formats given the mess that has resulted from this format war.

A war that started because Sony wasn't getting enough royalty fees for DVD and wouldn't get any more from HD-DVD. So at the last minute they created Blu-ray and got support based on false assurances of the PS3's dominance in market share.

hitthegspot4735d ago

because the PS3 still does not have any Blu-ray update to 1.1. If you didn't notice it's Christmas and Sony hasn't released an update that would sell more consoles than any of the others. That kind of announcement would give consumers 100% reassurance that Sony is dedicated to Blu. But here we are 2 more days till the 17Th AKA last day to order online and guarantee delivery before Christmas.

Nameless4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

What does me saying he talks alot have to do with them not supporting Blu-Ray wtf ? All I am saying is he TALKS TO MUCH & it is starting to get annoying to see him say almost the same things each time. It is almost like Sony is trying to hard. This is where Nintendo & Microsoft outshine Sony in this department.

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