Why Portal 2 is the Greatest Puzzle Game Ever

Pixels or Death's Henry McMunn takes a look at how Portal 2 went and one-upped the entire puzzle game genre.

"As GLaDOS said her final words to Chell and conceded defeat to a measly human, sending her on her way to the surface as the turrets sang a haunting farewell, I experienced feelings that games rarely convey: pity, regret, and strangest of all, a longing to return to the hellhole which I had spent two games escaping, the ‘devil I knew’. And as I looked up at the clear blue sky and gorgeous field before me, I looked back on Portal 2 and realised, ‘this was a puzzle game.’"

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ElementX3110d ago

I disagree. After playing Portal 1 you knew all the secrets and there weren't many surprises. I love both of those games, though but I really enjoyed the first because everything was new.

fluffydelusions3110d ago

Not really. There was a lot of new stuff in 2 e.g. the bouncy and speedy gel for instance.

ATi_Elite3110d ago

I like P2 better than P1!

Portal was so fresh and new to gaming that any minor changes would of made Portal 2 great cause gamers like me were just craving more Portal.

.....and Valve delivered with new Physics and puzzles and they even beefed up the Source Engine.

TheFirstClassic3110d ago

I actually played Portal 2 first, so it seemed freaking amazing when I played it.

gillri3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Portal 2 sooo good but I feel the puzzles are that taxing, I think it cold be the best game ever that has puzzles in it, because it puts those puzzles in a really meaningful context

but they dont bend your mind as much as a certain other game I played the other day

BRAID is the greatest puzzle game ever, seriously why It took me this long to play it I dont know

FriedGoat3110d ago

@pushagree I was scrolling down the comments thinking to myself hmm where could I put this and here it is! you did it for me.

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Kran3110d ago

I wonder why they didn't include the vacuum tubes in the main game...

If you look at videos, there are tubes that suck things in side them.

Knight_Cid3110d ago

tetris would like a word

Kran3110d ago

OK "Greatest Puzzle Game Ever... of this console generation" ;P

thedude443110d ago

i say echochrome, exit, bejewled and portal 2 have their place in puzzle games. but you have to admit portal 1 and 2 has a charm about it thats undeniable.

Izowiuz3110d ago

Portal 2 is a great game ;) But I always preferred Enigma x]

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The story is too old to be commented.