Forza Motorsport 4: February ALMS Pack

Today we’re announcing the upcoming February American Le Mans Series Pack and, to put it as succinctly as I know how: This pack is amazing. Available for purchase on Tuesday, February 7 via Xbox LIVE, the February American Le Mans Series Pack is a racers dream, featuring some of the hottest cars Forza 4 has ever featured in a DLC pack. From purpose-built Le Mans racers designed to eat tracks alive to custom-modified celebrity-owned gems, the February ALMS pack has something for everyone. Here’s the full rundown of cars available in the Forza Motorsport 4 February American Le Mans Series Pack ...

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Projekt7tuning3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

To me the Audi R18 TDI is one of the most beautiful racing machines ever built. I rank it right there next to the Porsche 962s and Porsche GT1 Evos. Just amazing engineering.

The thing thats killing me though is Forza 4 being the "official game" of the ALMS, and not being able to have Porsche. There is an entire spec class built on identical GT3 cup cars, The GT Challenge class. Please EA, stop being turds and let turn 10 and GT 5 use proper Porsche cars, or at least the racing cars to their games.

mcstorm3429d ago

I still cant get enough of this game. Been my racing game of this gen for me.