Bungie Hiring Economy Designer, More Evidence of an MMO?

VGR: Well as I was venturing through the job page I found this opening. Bungie is looking for an Economy designer with the skills to understand and influence player behavior and also “design the systems and mechanics which drive in-game trade, satisfy the players’ need for possessions and wealth whilst ensuring rewards retain their intended value despite attempts to exploit or grief the system.”

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360ICE2549d ago

Whatever you do, don't hire Keynes.

kaveti66162548d ago

If Bungie is really making an MMO, they are truly delusional. The MMO market has such a high barrier to entry.

AgentWD402548d ago

What ever they do I am sure they will bring something new to the table

papashango2548d ago

It'll be a cash shop no doubt

vishant1012548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Its bungie ive never played a mmo in my life but if bungie made one i would try one out they have a very strong fan base and im sure they will find success the only question is what type of success will bungies new game be able to top halo?

360ICE2548d ago

You can earn a lot of money on an MMO without lasting as long as six months. Just a question about amibiton level and budget.

webbsod2548d ago

GUYS its a FACT they are making one. and signed a 10 year deal with activision they are now bungies publishers. BRAND new IP, halo is owned by microsoft this will be something brand new.

SweatyFlorida2548d ago

Well duh, but does a new IP necessarily mean to be an MMO?? I'm not interested in MMO's and I don't see how one can be implemented for consoles successfully, that is actually good to back it up.

I am curious as to what they make though, as they have made some truly awesome games (not just talking about Halo)). Though the lack of details and talk of this new endeavor has my hype meter at Zero. Hopefully E3 will shed some light on this project, and preferably how it plays and looks like.

life doomer2548d ago

I have a feeling their game is going to come out next gen.

Noticeably_FAT2548d ago

I liked Bungie years ago, but honestly they haven't done anything aside from Halo. I think Activision wasted their money in signing them to a contract, especially if they are working on a PC MMO. Why take Bungie out of their element? Console shooters are hotter then ever, but then again why compete with yourself and COD.

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