Predictions for the cover athlete of Madden 13

GameZone writes, "There were a lot of huge statistical seasons from NFL players this year, but only one can be good enough for the cover of Madden 13."

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Psychotica4071d ago

Should be the picture of Vernon Davis crying..

brettyd4071d ago

Still can't believe Hillis was on the cover last year. He had one decent season. I wouldn't be surprised if Victor Cruz was on next years cover but i hope not, being a Giants fan i don't want him to be cursed.

CoryHG4071d ago

lol @ newton having no weapons besides smith.

dktxx24071d ago

If there's going to be a running back on the cover, it better be Mojo. Absolutely no one runs through 8 man fronts like he does.

stephmhishot4071d ago

As a Giants fan, give me Vick or Romo, or judging from this season, the entire Washington Redskins' roster.

stephmhishot4071d ago

By the by, does the guy who wrote this know anything about football? Vince Young made the cover of Madden his second year (in reference to what he says about Von), next season is the 2012 season (not the 2013-2014 season) and Cruz was a WR4 for the Giants behind Nicks, Manningham and Hixon coming out of camp.

Riggans424070d ago

Yea, he said that Cam would have a down year next year, and then in 2013-14 season he'd be better. Re-read it. And in the first game, the commentators did nothing but talk about Cruz filling the spot of Steve Smith, not Hixon.

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