Control a Robot with Your Wiimote - Video Inside

Robots Rule ( will offer a free software app, Robot Dance 4, that will allow you to control an i-SOBOT by mapping the robot's actions to your Wii Remote and Nunchuk yourself. You will need a PC running Windows 2000 or higher (XP is recommended), the Wii controls, an infrared transmitter, a Bluetooth transceiver, a headset (for voice controls), and of course, the robot.

A beta version of Robot Dance 4 will be available by December 23rd, with a final version coming out around the end of February. Robot Dance 4 will feature a Wiimote-friendly "virtual training room", gesture recognition for all 35 of the robot's "combat commands", Skype integration, multiple robot control capabilities, voice control for all of the robot's 147 commands, and various features.

Here is a demonstration video. More videos are available at Robots Rule.

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Notes: You can purchase i-SOBOT separately from Amazon, Shaper Image and elsewhere for around $300 (£148). Robots Rule does not make or sell the robot.

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