Analysts: Wii To Top 1.7m In December, High Requirements Hurt Crysis

Following the NPD's recently reported record November sales, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter and the simExchange's Jesse Divnich have commented, predicting 1.7 million Wiis sold in December and low Crysis sales due to high hardware requirements.

They also made predictions for Unreal Tournament III, MX vs ATV Untamed, the PS2 version of Rock Band, and Manhunt 2.

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Zhuk4736d ago

Crysis needs an Xbox 360 port for it to make a profit. Actually, any game needs the Xbox 360 these days, this is why developers and publishers are rallying behind the Xbox 360 as their console of choice

El_Colombiano4736d ago

You're right in a way, dye hard Xbox 360 will buy any and all games that are released on their console, but I don't really think a horribly reduced game will sell that well with the rest of the install base. Crysis on the 360 simply isn't possible without reducing the quality drastically.

Cusco4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Zhuk you are possibly the dumbest sap I have ever seen in my life. Every reply from you have been regarding how awesome the xbox 360 is, I'm not even going to call you a fanboy, more like a fanbi%$ch. It's a good console, we get it. This article is about Crysis and Wii. Now on topic, I think that COD4 and other FPSs have been hurting Crysis more. It's a good game but it's an FPS, and those are a dime a dozen and don't really do anything anymore to the gaming scene unless they have really good online. I played crysis on medium, it's an alright game, really well done voice acting, and the graphics are amazing on this setting. But running around an island killing people has been done in far cry. It just feels a little too pointless at this point, COD4 on the other hand has a really good pace and well orginized mission objectives. Just goes to show that graphics aren't the end all of gaming.
Cheers m8s (and Zhuk lay off the penis)

led10904736d ago

i dont get it ea and crytek have said that crysis is a europe is the main pc market........just wait till ea releases its fiscal yr report

wiizy4736d ago

wii will easily win this generation....haters can hate.. cause hardcore games are coming and variety of games. and i dont use hardcore games cause silly people say dumb things. but deep games are coming and just like the ds...the wii will be up by millions come march 2008

eagle214736d ago

The Ps2 sold 1.4 million last december in the U.S. in year 6. But in it's hayday it was doing 2.4 to 2.7 million in December in the U.S. Nintendo could easily pull it off this year. Expect big January numbers for Wii.

OOG FunK4736d ago

the damn wii jus keeps flyn high

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The story is too old to be commented.