New Resistance Shots

Check out these latest screenshots of Resistance: Fall of Man for the PS3.

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TheMART5850d ago

I would really like to play on a demopod real soon.

As you know I am hard on PS3, but for me that's normal because it didn't really deliver anything good besides the Killzone CGI.

This game though is shaping up really good. I am curious how it will hold compared to COD3 and Gears of War this Christmas.

Bring it on and I'll vote cool on this one

Ravenator5295850d ago

This is shaping up to be a great game for the PS3. But as for competing with GOW and COD3 this holiday season, I would say Resistance would be bringing up the rear.

Why?, because there will be more 360 owners than PS3 owners. And you listed the two most wanted games for most 360 owners. Especially GOW. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a pre-order for this game.

Now before you flame me, I said nothing about which game is better. Its all about how many PS3 consoles will be released and how many people already own or will be purchasing a 360.

Sevir045850d ago

but in quality it might out shine Cod3 and match GOW equally. alot of hype is being generated for this game, even MTV has had nothing but good to say about this game. personally i know that GOW and R:FOM will have me playing the most hours come this november. IGN 1up and Gamespot all praised the game and are even more thrilled because they said the game plays as if it was like a finished game with noo bugs, and yet insomniac said there are still few things that need to be ironed out . so when the polish is done this game will be amazing i even expect the visual appeal to go beyond what we are seeing now, to months can do a world of difference, compare the GDC2006 gameplay to the E32006, and then Compare the E32006 to what was shown recently, between now and E#2006 was a 4 month Time span, and between E306 and GDC2006 was a month and a have, and resistance mangaed to gain a fairly solid and successfull showing at E3, i played the early build and i like it it had plenty of bugs and the characters that didn't respond to where they were shot, and now i'm Gonna find out how much the game has been improved over these 4-5 months at this years TGS. I look forward to seeing this games, and Warhawk, i wanna see how much it's improved, and even Fatal Inertia, and Heavenly sword... lost of stuff, and i'll also see some Lost planet action from capcom which right now looks hotter than GOW, that game is also building soo much hype capcom wowed soo many people with DR, and it looks to kill everyone with Lost planet, MGS4 wow... anywho
TGS here i come

NextGen24Gamer5850d ago

Is this CG cut scenes? I don't see a hud, a weapon...anything to show its actually in game. Sony is good for this type of stuff. Then you get the game home and be like.."what in the world is this". "this ain't like the commercials I watched on tv with cgi cut scenes"..."this ain't the like the screen shots I witnessed prior to buying this game.". "then you all of a sudden realize. "well, when I look back the commercials and screen shots "DID NOT" have a heads up display nor a gun or health showing. I mean it is a FPS right? Wouldn't that be shown in a screen shot of gameplay? Don't bash. I'm asking a fair question. Do your own research on this. This is the only screen shot I have seen that actually has the heads up display and gun in hand. Sure its a month or so older. But where are the ingame screen shots? What are they attempting to do showing all these "obviously" not in game screen shots of this game. Show the real deal please.

If you don't believe me. Follow the link. This is the most recent "in game" screen shot. All the screen shots released after this one have absolutely NO HUD/GUN/Health bar/ ect....

Genki5850d ago the direct left of the one you reference is from a build one month later with comparable graphics to the most recent screens just negates that point. By the way, the screen you referenced had no life bar either, so I still don't see your point. These recent screens look in game to me, and if you disagree, why not simply go to the videos section, watch the ones from the 14th of this month, and try and say those don't have graphics like those of the recent screens.

I've seen many a screen of Gears without a HUD, that look fantastic mind you, and I never questioned as to whether or not they were FMV. I think you're just too quick to criticize, why not just sit back and say hey, this game has good graphics. Not saying you have to praise the gameplay, because that's purely subjective and so is judgement of the graphics, but you obviously think the visuals are good, as you are saying they're pre-rendered, otherwise you would simply say they look terrible or not up to par, correct?

You know the graphics look good, you know it, so why make excuses as to why you think they shouldn't be. Sure, Sony has done it before, but then again, how many companies haven't?

Basically what I'm saying is, why be so quick to look into the negative?

NextGen24Gamer5850d ago

I can say the gameplay video does not live up to the recent batch of screen shots with No GUN displayed, No HUD, No anything. Yes, I am a bit skeptical. The gameplay video is a much better example of what the game will look like. And it looks decent but not great in the gameplay video. The graphics aren't as good as Prey, or Half life 2. But its decent. I just think the screen shots serve its purpose. It leads people to think that is how the game will look. When all you have to do is click the gameplay video and see its not like that at all. Why can't they show "ONE" in game screen shot with Gun/Hud displayed? Its not hard to do. Play the game. Take the snapshot. Editors do it all the time.

One thing is for sure. No one can say these are in game/gameplay screen shots. Because if they were you "WOULD" see the gun/hud.

Genki5850d ago

but did you even look at the picture I was referring to directly next to it? The graphics are comparable to what's in the latest screens, and besides, a direct feed video won't look as good as any screen, you know that, everybody knows that. Again, I'm not claiming them as FMV or in-game, but why be so skeptical? Being an XBox fan, did you question any screens of a particular Xbox title that had excellent graphics? Maybe or maybe not, but know this, no company is comprised of saints, especially in regards to advertising (i.e. published screens and videos)

Had the thought ever crossed your mind that they may be screens from a cutscene? You can't be so sure they're pre-rendered unless you weigh each alternative. All a cut-scene is, is a scripted event/scene using the in-game engine, of which there are several in many games. This could be the same scenario, but then again, you could be right, and people that say it's in-game could be right, who knows.

I think they could be cut-scenes, as they do look smoother than what's been seen in-game(most cut-scenes are). I don't think the graphics look like anything the PS3, or the 360 couldn't handle for that matter, and I think that you could agree on this one, especially when games on the 360 have graphics the caliber of Gears and Mass Effect. Simply put, if it's FMV, it's poor FMV by next gen standards.

drewdrakes5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

I dont think these are very recent. Theyre going on and on about how they have a lot of space, but i cant actually see pixelation and problems with textures. I.e. the bump maping on the alien's, dont know what their called, arm in one of the pictures (the blood vessel). And that alien boss' texture lookes blurry and low res. They must be old, or else they arent using the space wisely. The environments look great though, they need some improvement on the explosions, but the smoke looks great lol. If in that screaming picture, the alien had bigger blood vessels, that would be able to more give off the impression that he is really angry, ie prepared to rip my head off.

LiquifiedArt5850d ago

With ps3 Fans commenting. <-- Just my opinion

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