New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

Developed using the White Engine, Final Fantasy XIII is the next title in Square Enix's long running RPG franchise. Exclusively on the PS3, here 18 new screenshots from the extended "Cloud" trailer.

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picker3324735d ago

bad quality on the pics!

Marceles4735d ago

looks like someone pushed prnt scrn and pasted it in paint and just put the PSU logo up there...I can't wait to see the trailer without the "CLOUD" tag so I can make my own wallpapers

gamesblow4735d ago

Like any of it is real time.

v1c1ous4735d ago

there are 2 games you don't ever diss in front of the n4g division of the sony defense force.

that's mgs4 and ff13.

you gonna get e-raped.

Regret4735d ago

Second looks in-game compared to first from those attached.

gamesblow4735d ago

Well, I have news for them.... MGS and FF games don't interest me in the least and I can wholeheartedly say that these screens are 98% CGI and that MGS4 will go to the xbox 360 just in time for the holiday season of 08. Those are my predictions.

Azures4735d ago

Good thing you're an idiot or I might be worried.

aiphanes4735d ago

Does bill gates taste that good that you have to do everthing that he says? You are not a slave to the master xbot...just get your own life and quite trying to derail the maglev supra train that is the PS3!

You antics are getting old. You know if you weak feable mind that FF13 and FF13 Versus are going to blow everything away when they are released...

Xemnas4735d ago

Rotfl damn dude your a Hardcore 360 fanboy i was lol for like 5 mins all the other xbot kinda of slowed down but your still going strong lol last man standing huh?

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2 cents4735d ago

I wish people stop showing pics of such bad quality, it does`t do the game justice.

neogeo4735d ago

now thats just stupid.

dexterwang4735d ago

ug why can't they just release a full quality pic or HD clip of it... stop teasing!!

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The story is too old to be commented.