Resistance High-Def Clips

New HD videos from Insomniac's PS3 launch title.

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Captain Tuttle5850d ago

Such dull colors, though. I guess that's the style. Whatever happened to the ability of using the tilt control to melee? I think that's a brilliant idea if they can pull it off.

clayton5850d ago

Looks horrible, if this is what the PS3 is capable of I will not be getting on at all. I'll stick with my cheaper but better 360. WooHoo

PS360PCROCKS5850d ago

Ha! If this games going head to head with GOW than wow theirs no challenge

richie007bond5850d ago

WHATS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT THIS GAME,its dull to say the least,am not impressed by this title atall.Theres not one game on the ps3 that floats my boat,am dissapointed by the ps3 so far,sony hyped this machine to be the seconding coming of consoles lol more like 3rd last from were am standing.I have always bought the playstation brand from the 1st ps1 to the ps2,ps3 is just not digging it for me,its lost its spark,with all the lies and BullSh}t, down graded specs and everything negative....awww yes lets not forget the beta ray rubbish sonys lost my faith in the brand now,it seems to me that sonys only interested in shoving beta ray down our throats,wether we want it or not,dvd suits me just fine,then hd dvd,,,beta rays weighing heavely on sonys shoulders...

HyperBear5850d ago

that if you guys think its lame, why does it have 8 cool votes and no lame and Catain turtle even voted cool on it and he thought the colors are dull, which they are, but you guys dont see, who cares about going head to head with 360. This game was made for so that Sony fans who like FPS could play the best one to date. Thats why there is so much buzz around it, that and the fact it is truley a next-gen game along with GOW and Halo 3, but i havent seen anything for Halo 3, so im not gonna say thats its totally next-gen until i see pictures.

Captain Tuttle5850d ago

because it's good to see some gameplay for a PS3 title for once. The colors ARE dull but as long as it's fun, I'm less concerned about the graphics. Again, has anyone heard about motion control for melee?

Boink5850d ago

where is the smart AI they were talking about? enemies seemed rather dumb in the clips I watched.

oh wait, he's walking towards me, I had better roll to the side rather than shoot??

oh well, it's first gen ps3 games. I'm sure they will get better.

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The story is too old to be commented.