Top 10 Most Despicable Video Game Villains

GameDynamo - "While it's true that mature storytelling often requires moral ambiguity and a lack of distinct borders between good and evil, it's also true that people enjoy rooting for the hero. A great way to make characters heroic is to pit them against an utterly despicable villain. Here are some of gaming's best examples of horrific antagonists, the kinds of villains who make players keep playing in order to end their miserable existences."

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Relientk773427d ago

I'm glad Rodrigo Borgia from Assassin's Creed 2 is on the list. He was the villian and he became the damn pope lol

lastdual3427d ago

Yeah, although his description is a little off. In reality, while the Borgias were bad for the other Italian city states (and the Church), they were actually good for Rome. They renovated many of the distressed areas, as well as lowered poverty and crime.

Of course, even the Nazis did some good things before they went all genocidal, so take that with a grain of salt.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3427d ago

Yeah. But the Volkswagen doesn't really make up for the 11-17 million people buried in mass graves or stacked like rotten wood.

General Patton was so furious when he saw Dachau.
And the Soviets after they got to Auschwitz? There's a reason general Zhukov was so keen to get to Berlin.

Baka-akaB3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I'm not so sure the reign of Alexander VI was that positive , if positive at all ...

It was still the hayday of intrigues , assassinations , and corruption , and Italia was at one of its gloomiest level with the threat of invasion and actual invasions and multiple wars .

It also seems like he pretty much cimented Spain and Portugal's rights to put slavery in america and the colonies , while his predecessor , while hardly an advocate of liberties , was outspoken against direct slaves trading .

He pretty much indulged only himself , his "court" and the Arts . And he didnt exactly succeeded into reforming the church like he wanted .

lastdual3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )


Oh, don't get me wrong. I don't mean to justify the Borgias' actions (or certainly not the Nazis).

It's simply that the article's author stated that the real-life Borgias caused Rome to descend into chaos, which isn't historically accurate.

Like most smart despots, they won over people to their side by benefiting some groups over others. The Nazis did the same. In no way does that justify the atrocities they committed.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3427d ago

@lastdual #1.1.3

I figured that. Probably should have said so in my first reply. :)

As for Rodrigo, as much as I enjoyed kicking his fat punk ass all over Il Vaticano, I got more satisfaction slicing up his son Cesare. Bastard shot Uncle Mario.

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Snookies123427d ago

Awesome, Kefka is without a doubt the most evil. Glad to see Xehanort on there as well though!

entitygm3427d ago

Agreed, Kefka is one of the few (only?) villains to seek to destroy the world, and actually succeed! He poisoned an entire castle just because he could. Evil to the core.

wingman32x3427d ago

Kefka was pretty awful. You could tell he was just one sick dude. He really gave you motivation to kick his ass. I remember being shocked when one of Kefka's cronies asked about what to do with the women and children. "Are you Kidding?! Kill them too!" was his reply. That really set the tone. The part where he poisoned the water behind the general's back was bad, too. Kefka's hardcore.

TheUnbiasedLion3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Kefka was a true villian and i agree with xehanort too. The latter is the root of all evil in the Kingdom Hearts universe and caused all the trouble but on the other hand I like him, his plan for the darkness is clever and when hr merged with *SPOILER* Terra in BBS i was so shocked but things did click.

Sephiroth wasn't really to blame and was twisted by Hojo etc and had a traumatising time, it showed he had emotion and he was driven to the brink so i am glad he is not on the list.

*EDIT* I don't agree with the ordering and really have no preference considering each game is unique and can't really be compared apart from the acts they show in given situations. All of them are evil though...very evil *laughs evilly*

ChrisW3427d ago

I was damn happy that Sephiroth wasn't on the list!

DragonKnight3427d ago

If you're not going to call Sephiroth evil because he's "not to blame" since he was "twisted" by hojo and such, then you can't call Kefka evil because Dr. Cid's experiments are what made him the madman he was. Kefka was the very first person to undergo the Magitek Knight procedure and the process wasn't refined so he went insane. Dr. Cid mentions this in the game but for some reason everyone seems to forget it. That's not to say that Kefka as he is isn't the personification of evil, but "he can't be blamed" since he was made to be that way after being experimented on.

ChrisW3426d ago

How many "evil" villains, prior to him, have similar back stories? Way too cliche. The only reason why everyone thinks he's "EVIL" is because he killed (cry me a river) Aerith.

Umm... that's it...?
Yup... that's it.

KeybladeMaster3427d ago

Ya I am glad Xehanort made the list too. Kingdom Hearts villains never get the spot light. If you really think about it Xehanort is the main villain in all the Kingdom Hearts games

******Kingdom Hearts Spoilers Down Below********

Like I said before if you really think about it Xehanort is the main villain in all the Kingdom Hearts games. Ansem the Heartless was the heartless of Terranort (Terra's body but Xehanorts mind) and Xemnas was the nobody of Terranort. I believe that if the heartless and nobody of a person is destoryed by the keyblade they come back as a whole person again (as evidenced by recent interviews and trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3D). For example you see Lea (Axel) again because his nobody and heartless were destroyed by the keyblade. Same with Ansem and Xemnas. So I believe the main villian will once again be *gasp* Xehanort.

And ya by the end of Birth by Sleep I hated Xehanort with all of my being. He was a villain that was genuinely evil and smart. The way he played everyone in that game was soooo evil and genius. But I had as much anger towards him as Terra, Ven and Aqua did at the end of the game. You know from the very beginning that they don't win but you genuinely hope that they get themselves out of the mess and when they don't you go through a lot of emotions. Birth by Sleep is easily my favorite PSP game (next to Crisis Core).

*******************End Spoilers*******************

Come on Square!!! Put Birth by Sleep and Crisis Core on the PS Store so we can buy it for the Vita. Anyone want to start a petition with me? Because I don't know how to start one....

Wow... I said a lot lol. But ya I think I got my point across.

RedDead3426d ago

Agree with dragon knight, I agree that Kefka is more evil too. But seph was also an evil ****. No matter what made him that way, he was unredeemable. + Once he learned about his true Nature by being in the lifesteam, he became way more evil instead of just crazy evil.

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RockmanII73427d ago

Glad to see The Doctor on the list, Indie Games have memorable characters too.

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