Capcom Releases Ôkami For The Playstation 2

Capcom, a powerhouse in the multi-billion dollar video game industry, today released Ôkami, a new innovative action adventure game for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Ôkami tells the story of a mythical sun god who sets out to restore a dismal world, decimating the forces of evil who stand in the way by commanding the elements and mythical abilities the deity possesses. Mixing Japanese folklore and a stunning traditional Japanese art style, players must utilize an inventive control scheme to overcome the challenges and evil that awaits.

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Siesser5856d ago (Edited 5856d ago )

This game is absolutely amazing; such a blast to play. And I'm surprised by how well the dialogue is presented. It doesn't feel like you're reading a translation or anything. I've only played 2 hours thus far, so I'm barely cracking the surface of the game, but I definitely believe I'm in for a treat. This may give Shadow of the Colossus a run for its money (a hard task, I assure you).

Art. Great. Music. Great. Characters. Great. I even like the freakin' camera. The only flaw I've seen so far is that the voices are just an annoying incoherent mumble. But that's it.

Capcom + Clover = geniuses. Viewtiful Joe was great, this game looks great, and I definitely can't wait to play God Hand.