Gravity Rush coming to PS Vita May 29th according to Amazon

Gravity Rush is currently listed on Amazon with a May 29th release date

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fluffydelusions2450d ago

Boo...thought this was launch day?

Kinger89382449d ago

it wasnt 100% confirmed i dont think, just rumours! i hope this is wrong, really want this asap

Coltrane_C2449d ago

It is conflicting reports...I would wait for official word from Sony

resistance1002449d ago

Day One in Europe. Only downside is that it's download only over here

UltimateIdiot9112449d ago

Why is this news? Amazon had that placeholder date for a long time now.

Not only that, there has been a lot of conflicting reports but most of them indicates a close to launch date release.

Kluv2449d ago

Gamestop also lists it as May 19th or 20th. And that changed from it's launch day date a couple weeks ago.
I work there.

HarvesterOSarow2449d ago

A paper that Gamestop just printed me off yesterday says it's February 17th? Whatever...still my most anticipated game!

Kluv2449d ago

THey probably handed you one that had been printed ages ago cause gamestop printers hardly work. I worked tonight and I checked again, and sadly, May 30th is the date it says.

HarvesterOSarow2449d ago

That's disappointing. This is the game I wanted to get along side my Vita. Oh well, I wonder if there's a chance it will be available for digital download on launch day like it is in the UK? I'd love the box, but since there's no book in them it doesn't really matter haha.

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