New study on why Wii is popular, Wii is favorite among giant screen owners

According to a new study by InterSense, the reason for the popularity of the Wii is the new motion sensing technology as the video game market is "primed and ready for the next stage in the evolution of gaming... (in which) gaming experience (is) much closer to capturing live game reality." The Wii controller offers a more in-depth, intuitive gaming experience than can be gained with the tried and true game controller.

The study also concludes that more consumers (45 percent of the study participants) plan to purchase more then one console in the coming months.

The study reveals another important factor for gaming consumers: people who own screens that are 40 inches or larger in size are more likely to buy gaming consoles, and the Wii is the favorite among consumers that own televisions that are 60 inches or larger in size.

Sean Wargo, the Principal Consultant and President of The Market Stage, commented: "There appears to be a link between the big screen experience and the motion sensing experience. This is evidenced by big screen owners' greater interest in the Nintendo Wii with its motion capabilities, versus the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 with high definition. Surprisingly, the research suggests that motion sensing capabilities may be more important than high-definition support among big screen owners."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4735d ago

Gaint Screen + Wii = your eyes will bleed.

Gondee4735d ago

take my 360 in 1080p way before i touch the wii.

Graphics are kinda bad on a projector thats 120 inchs.

might be fun to have that motion stuff, but dostn beat my hi-def.

Do thay even sell tvs under 60 inches that arnt hi-def?

BrianC62344735d ago

This report is really silly. The Wii is horrible on big screen TVs. Anyone who knows what they're talking about would want a PS3 on huge screens. It has the best graphics. I don't think this report is real. The Wii is only selling because all the grannies want to go bowling in the old folks homes.

bung tickler4735d ago

Just proves how dumb/mindless the general public is. They acctually think the Wii is taking advantage of thier hi-def tv. Stupid fools.

Night4ll4735d ago

Their saying that people with big screen TVs get the most out of Wii motion control because it makes motion control feel more realistic.

BrianC62344735d ago

"Their saying that people with big screen TVs get the most out of Wii motion control because it makes motion control feel more realistic."

That's just plain stupid. They're even dumber than he thought if they really think that. Bwahaha. Dumb idiots. Get a 12 inch black and white Wii gamers. Then your games will look great.

wiizy4735d ago

yeah wii is on a hot item.,,.to be hotter next fanboys get the tears ready...

MK_Red4735d ago

WTF!? How is that possible? I have an HDTV but not a 50-60 inches one yet Wii games look terribly ugly on it and somehow unwatchable. How on earth could someone stand the hugely pixalated Wii games on 60-70 inches TVs?

ironwolf4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Not my cup of tea, but a lot of other people's. My sister's family included.

MK_Red4735d ago

I know it's the motion sensor thing that attracts people but why those with big 60+ TVs? Wii games look downright ugly and unwatchable on them and each pixel is like a huge brick on them. Those people should be buying PS3 and 360 to put their TV's resolution and power in good use and instead they go for Wii!? I don't know what more to say except that those with most money (that are able to get those expensive 60-70 inch TVs) are not rally smart spenders. Wii looks good on a 17 inch monitor or a small 21 TV but any bigger and it gets rather unwatchable let alone 60 inches big.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4735d ago

Right as always, and always getting disagrees.

I think its because of illiterate people. Parents go and see wii and buy it.

Most people don't know whats HDTV.

As you can see from my 1st post. How the hell they even play? Even on my 32" HDTV some wii games make my eyes bleed. I can imagine on 60"+ with a box big as an Original Xbox (New figure of speech :P)

Also bubbles+ and agrees+ for you

unsunghero284735d ago

I have a projector w/ 96-inch screen and the Wii looks fine. Not as good as the 360 or PS3, granted, but that's to be expected.

All this article shows is that a lot of people don't read up on all the HD stuff or the bells and whistles, they just want to play some games. Sony and MS need to make consoles that appeal to that want.

BrianC62344735d ago

I think I have this figured out. What it is really is these people are yuppies who always have to buy the latest hyped crap. The Wii is all about hype still. They buy it because of that. They aren't even gamers. They just buy whatever everyone is talking about. Their Wiis will soon become dusty pieces of plastics sitting on the floor.

ravinash4734d ago

wouldn't your sister's family mean its your family?
Are you trying to disassociate your self from them because they play the Wii?

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jinn4735d ago

sooner or later, thousands will begin to sell their wii

unsunghero284735d ago

sooner or later, brawl will come out and you'll get one too.

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