Sony says global sales of PS3 to top 11 million

AFP, Tokyo - Sat Dec 15 2007:

Worldwide sales of Sony's PS3 are expected to reach 11 million by the end of this fiscal year, Sony Computer Entertainment's chief executive Kazuo Hirai told the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper in an interview published Saturday.

The PS3 "is starting afresh as a console to play games with. Although pricing strategy is important, now we would like to put our strength in the number of software games," Hirai said.

Hirai told the Yomiuri he would like to see Sony's game division "escape as soon as possible from the red and return to the black in fiscal year 2008."

[ Note: Sony's fiscal year ends on March 31. ]

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Rikitatsu4871d ago

So they are going to sell 4 Millions in 3 months O_o !!?!??

Sorry Sony , It appears You can't do that

I am Indeed a sony fan , but their Statements sometimes makes you laugh at them

ruibing4871d ago

I will really like to see them do that. I didn't expect them to be able to tie with the 360 worldwide already without the 2008 hit titles, but the price drop and the new games have really helped push the console globally.

TANOD4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

PS3 sold 51000 units vs 59000 for X360

you can easily predict the 2008 victor

ps3 even at a 100$/150$ price disadvantage over x360 is matching its sales in NA . Not to mention that it is outselling x360 by huge margins in EU and JAPAN

2007 is doing this even without its major titles. can you even imagine what 2008 will look like when mega PS3 titles hit the scene

***************************** **************
from my post below

PS3 will reach 8.5m by the end of this year or even 9m

you have 3 weeks left for 2007.

so another 2 million in Janaury---March is very plausible

crck4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Otherwise you just may end up playing the fool. Looking at VGChartz (yes I know how fanboys like to cry about its inaccuracy but in my opinion they are usually in the ballpark and when talking millions of units all you can do is be in the ballpark). PS3 is at 7.2 million worldwide, averaging sales of about 420,000 units a week for Dec. Three weeks of data left in Dec not accounted for which should put it at around 8.5 million at year's end. That leaves 2.5 million units to sell in 3 months. Which means they have to average 209,000 units a week worldwide to hit the 11 million mark by March 31th. Hardly impossible when you actually bother to break it down.

TANOD4871d ago

PS3 will reach 8.5m by the end of this year or even 9m

you have 3 weeks left for 2007.

so another 2 million in Janaury---March is very plausible


unlimited4871d ago

Dont forget abiyt HOME and full support with DIVX and rumble and top it off with big hit titles games coming out in 2008.. its very likely they can achieve it..

Genuine4871d ago

The ps3 isn't going to sell 4 mil units in 3 1/2 monthes. The Wii has barely been selling that well. The ps3 would have to sell 1.3 mil units a month, or around 273,000 a week for 15 weeks straight. And that's in the after christmas monthes. I see were delusional sony fanboys get there irrational thinking from, the obviously delusional Kaz Hirai.

HarryEtTubMan4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

basically what Sony is saying is "we are getting ready to spank that @ss". Either way Sony will have sold between 10.5 and 11.5 million by March. Either way PS3 sales have picked up ALOT.

Scroll through this page and look at all the Jealous haters like GEUINE below...(he always trolls PS3 pages acting like he knows Sony better than Sony does)... GUYS I DONT JUST THINK THEY ARE TALKING SH!T. I know it might hurt your feelings but the PS3 is gonna outsell the 360 really bad. Mark my words

The Brave 14871d ago

hey dumb ass Genuine maybe if u bother to actually break it down like CRCK did then maybe you can come with a more informed conclusion instead of taking something out of your a$$!

The Brave 14871d ago

Great post man!Its great when people actually do some research before talking smack.Also some Xgirls seem to forget seem to forget that from january to march PS3 will se Haze,GT5:P,and devil Devil may cry.and some nice surprise.11 million is totally within reach.

Snukadaman4871d ago

look at japan....sales fell too 36K for dec north america its at 160k..hardly the "holiday" console of choice....only place it is selling well is surope with 220k...lets see what they can do after the holidays. I doubt they can sell 4 million in 4 months though..but thats the real test.

Genuine4871d ago

Your as delusional as Kaz Hirai if you think the ps3 is going to sell 1.5 mil in the next 3 weeks.

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SuperSaiyan44871d ago

Put the price down to £250 and give you 2 or 3 games with it then MAYBE they could close the gap in sales but I doubt it, Microsoft will be staying a step infront of Sony this gen I reckon but even my friend who only has a PS3 started off as like 'oh wow this is awesome way better than the 360!' Now I get an e-mail from him yesterday at work telling me how sh1t the games are and and how sh1t the lineup is, he is now only looking forward to 1 game and thats MGS4...Whereas if you have a 360 you can choose a LOT more.

season0074871d ago

excuse me?
where is the a lot more?

Riiiiiiiidge Raaacer4871d ago

You have the worst avatar ever!

sak5004871d ago

@the person with ugly avatar..season007

"where is a lot more ? " You ask. If the poor sod hadnt' bought a ps3 and instead bought a 360, he could have been playing, TDU, Graw2, Lost Planet, Crackdown, Dead Rising, Halo3, Bioshock, R6 Vegas, COD4, Ace Combat 6, Ass Creed, Mass Effect, PGR3/4 not to forget Live arcade games, downloadable movies etc. Yeah i've included Multi platform games which are better on 360 anyways.

snakeater34871d ago

yeah...just keep telling that to yourself darling...try to find a reason why your console is better than ours and battle it out on n4g hehehe while uncharted and rathcet....oh i forgot ....they run wwaaaayy better on 360 right? rriiigghhttt.... ;)

actas1234871d ago

Most of the games you mentioned are also available on the PS3. Next time just say, halo 3, bioshock and mass effect, but wait those are only three games, ya thats right, are you up now..

Bubble Buddy4871d ago

Until the 360 goes red ring on you that is...which is like on the 3rd game

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Genki4871d ago

but if their FY ends at the end of March, then it's POSSIBLE, but 4 million more consoles over the next four months is a tall order, particularly with the competition. Sales dropped off last year after Christmas too, so to be honest, while it's possible, I doubt it.

In any case, 7 million users is bankable, so this isn't really an issue or a hurdle.

chanto234871d ago

if they release MGS4 and KillZone 2 by the end of February...MGS4 will move 2+ million consoles by itself...

Genuine4871d ago

My bet is that Sept or Oct of 2008 is the very earlist ps3 owners will see either of those titles.

krik4871d ago

MGS4 is not coming out before May/June and Killzone 2 is expected in September/October.

But Haze is coming out in January ;)

Lionsguard4871d ago

As much of a Sony fan as I am they're crazy if they think they can pull this off it's just more Sony arrogance. Unless they plan on a surprise release of KZ2,LBP,FF13,GT5,MGS4etc. it's not happening. I predict 7-8 million at most.

titntin4871d ago

Seeing as how the figure is already over 7 million and we're only 2/3 of the way through a financial year, your estimation is obviously totally wrong.
People do release that the finacial year begins in april, right?
So, we have the Xmas period of sales to add to the totals and then whatever it ships in the following three months. Given there are a few heavy hitters at the beggining of 2008 it looks likely that they will make their estimates. Thats not favaroutism or fan boy comment or arrogance, its simply extrapolating the current data and predicting sales based on that, which is what every compaby does.
Obviously this is not about 'closing the gap' to their rivals, as I expect the 360 and Wii to have an amazing holiday period too, this is simply about how many consoles will have shipped by April 2008.

Anyone trying to trash the statement is obviously trolling.

Riiiiiiiidge Raaacer4871d ago

11 million. Bwahahahahahahahaha!