Burnout Paradise Demo. Hmmm

Burnout happens to be the only racing franchise to enjoy anymore. The intense realism of Gran Turismo or even Forza is too much to handle.

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PimpHandHappy4357d ago

what panty wearing fruit bag would say driving a car on a race track compared to going full speed sideways on city streets is more intense...

Last time i check Burnout is intense and GT5 has turn markers on the real life race tracks.

I find GT relaxing

Tranz4356d ago

I actually am getting VERY BORED of games like GT and Forza... this extreme realism is not that fun... hell i drive a real car all day damnit... thats why like PGR... looks real... feels kinda real.. but its totally arcadey.

BurnOut is enjoyable because it is riduculous... so I get where the blogger is coming from

power of Green 4357d ago

Its the other way around. lol

socomnick4356d ago

Yea I though forza was more realistic than gt.

rofldings4356d ago

You've never played GT have you, POG?

Or if you did, you probably didn't even put it in simulator mode.

socomnick4356d ago

Rofl you've probably never played forza 2 then :). Its very realistic I would definitely more than the gt hd demo.

MK_Red4357d ago

I'm also really sad that After Touch is gone. It was among my very fave Burnout elements :(

Marceles4356d ago

yeah that sucks, on my first crash i tried to hold the button for aftertouch so i can make a big traffic jam...nope lol:(

The Killer4356d ago

it gives u a reason to crash rather than try to beat the race and the competitors!

i liked burnout 2 better than 3 and the other one!

killer_trap4356d ago

i never played the third one. did any of you try Paradise online? it really ads a lot to the experience. I'm actually enjoying the demo more than the previous games.

Polluted4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

Paradise online is probably my favorite online experience on the PS3 right now. I can't wait for the full version with 8 players. God damn it's going to be sweet.

"zollner13" on PSN if anyone's looking to race or just crash into each other.

El_Colombiano4356d ago

Definitely, I played all night last night until 4am playing the Burnout demo online with my friends. I can't wait for the 8 people max instead of 4 in the full game, I had friends sending me invites left and right, but the room was full! Anyway I love the crashes, more realistic than Motorstorm, amazingly...

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The story is too old to be commented.