Modern Warfare 3 Gun DLC (Rumor): Gamer Discovers F2000 Gun File

A Modern Warfare 3 gamer was messing around in the Dvar files and they came across a gun called the “NZ3 Designator.” After playing around with the files they were able to equip the gun and it looked exactly like the F2000 in Modern Warfare 2 but with a scope.

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Muffins12233467d ago

Hmmm well battlefield 3 did it so that must mean it not cheap and must be epic so I wont hate this!

Oldman1003467d ago

Must have been left over code from mw2.

SJPFTW3467d ago

Activision development process: copy --> paste --> repeat

lorianguy3467d ago

Cool. So long as it's included in ELITE (wasn't in Schedule) and isn't priced ridiculously high, then I'll be glad to see something new :)

3GenGames3467d ago


I payed for it. I don't care. I hope it's not priced $15 like every other 3 maps, but I don't have to worry about that because I pre-payed.

lorianguy3467d ago

It seems a lot of information was lost-in-translation there :)

Read through my comment and try again :P May I recommend babelfish?