New York Times: A Year Later, the Same Scene: Long Lines for the Elusive Wii

Linda Beattie is trying desperately to pay Nintendo $250, but the company is not cooperating.

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wiizy4735d ago

the only thing thats a other console fanboys still holding on to hope that somehow next year or in 3 years they console will be wanted just as much....for now keep crying....wii is on top to stay..

wiizy4735d ago

i would offer you a tissue...but you'll need it tomorrow again and things are getting more expensive these sure you understand

ChickeyCantor4734d ago

normally i want every console to win, but this gen i want Wii to win, just so that " core" gamers would bleed from being oblivious.
Would be fun, the whole internet would be turned upside down.
WII SUCKZORS LOLOLOLSAODAODL, yeah it does suck and it feels goooood XD

synetic4734d ago

come to portugal hypermarket feiranova you can find Wii at 150 euros ( they dropped 100 euros ) and even at 150 euros no one wants one ....

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The story is too old to be commented.