Is the Core Gamer a Myth?

The NPD Group has created a massive 100-plus page report that finds the most serious gamers aren't in the 18 to 34-year-old age range, as many believe. Anita Frazier with NPD detailed the study for Next-Gen…

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calderra5853d ago

This explains Xbox Live in a new and exciting way. The reason it seems like everyone online is an ill-mannered 12-year-old is because... they are.

The reason it seems like so many players are mindless, screaming ADHD patients who've missed their Ritalin is because... they are.

Bleh. If this is true (you never know what skew someone may have tried to add to the data) I think it shows exactly what's wrong with online gaming- parents letting kids go online. I always thought it seemed like I was playing way too many 8-year-olds through Matchmaking, and now I know that's probably accurate.

I'm sure there are smaller percentages of kids actually going online, but you have to remember that the biggest- selling and generally most-played-online titles across the board are generally big-release Mature games (Halo 2, Grand Theft Auto)... and I can tell you from experience (worked in game sales) that a sizable chunk of that comes from parents buying games for kids who obviously do not have the mental maturity to handle these gams.

I do not like this data, Sam I Am. I would not like it with a PS3, I would not like it with a three-six-tee.