Why trophies/achievements are bogus

An actual "achievement" is something that leads to bigger and better things, like a Skill Point or procurement of a special item, not something that supplements a "Gamer Score" or some other totally arbitrary system used to rate your worth as a player.

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MkaY3648d ago

I have to completely disagree with this!

Achievements may not provide us anything tangible BUT they do fuel our basic need for competition. They give us challenges (well not all games, but many do).

You say in your article that "an actual “achievement” should be something that leads to bigger and better things, a Skill Point or the procurement of a special item." Why on earth is that? Does gaining items after chapter is completed in specific manner or skill point make the better than achievements? How? The fundamental behind skill points or reward items are the same than it is with achievements (that are related to skill). And many games have both.

While achievements may not make the game longer it does give SOME people reasons enough to return playing the game long after it is completed.

FrightfulActions3648d ago

I agree with you. I felt the complete opposite from this articles opinion. If I really enjoy a game, then I /do/ want to get hose trophies/achievements. Though I admit the story mission-related trophies are a bit iffy. I don't think a trophy should be reward for advancing stages in quest lines - the fact that you move on to the next bit should be reward enough. Trophies should be things you actually work for, at least a little - not things you get just for playing the story. Except for of course the finishing trophies. "Beat Singleplayer on East/Normal/Hard Mode" type trophies are nice, since they do reflect your hard work and accomplishment in completing the game. But "played chapter 1" or "finished prologue" trophies are a bit silly to me. Appreciated all the same though since I do like my trophies :p

Venjense3648d ago

I like achievements and trophies because they provide incentive to try things in games that I normally wouldn't or even think of.

Also, they add to reply value IMO.

MrBeatdown3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

It always amazes me that people whine about achievements as if they are somehow less meaningful than playing the "real" game. Almost every game is based on doing what the game tells you to do, all in the name of fun. That's a core element of practically every game. You're given a goal that's meant to be fun for you to accomplish. It's not about the rewards. It's not about the story. It's about fun. If you're playing for certain reasons, and fun isn't one of them, you probably shouldn't be playing.

Achievements and trophies are just gaming in it's simplest form... Doing something fun. When it's done, there will be a record that you did it. I've played plenty of games for far less reward like high scores that aren't recorded, or multiplayer matches I won't remember five minutes after I shut my console off.

If you need some elaborate story-driven explanation to justify everything you do for fun in a game, that's fine, but don't pretend the goals that achievements offer are any different from goals presented within the game.

ape0073648d ago

"Achievements and trophies are just gaming in it's simplest form"

u nailed it

NoobJobz3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Achievements/trophies are probably my favorite thing from this gen. I'm am absolutely hooked to them.

And if you don't like them, you don't have to get them. No one forces you to play multiple times to get an achievement. If you don't want to, don't.

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