PSF: Hands-on with the fun and original game called Escape Plan

PSFocus writes: The launch of the PlayStation Vita is close and the line-up is pretty big. A while back we played Escape Plan from Fun Bits Interactive. This fun and original game that supports a lot of features such as the front and back touch, but much more. Read the preview for all the info.

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Colwyn2453d ago

two more weeks before the best handheld in history is released. i cant wait to buy 2 vitas and about 10 digital games. im so excited.

blusoops2453d ago

Escape Plan is NOT made by thatgamecompany.
It's made by fun bits interactive.

Can't wait for the game and system.

Faunus2453d ago

@ blusoops

Whoops. Fixed it.

MasterCornholio2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Looks like an android game but much better :-)