Where Is Tekken X Street Fighter?

GR: Will Tekken X Street Fighter even exist? Maybe Namco and Capcom are playing friendly and just decided not to have competing games release during the same time, but Namco is in an incredibly tight spot. Not only are they going second after what looks to be an action-packed title in Street Fighter X Tekken, but they clearly have the more difficult design challenge.

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insertcoin2452d ago

Namco has been busy with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Soul Calibur V, but I'm surprised that don't even have anything. Capcom might be making a joke at them for not having one page of design documents, but still...

knifefight2452d ago

Man I am confused. I thought this game was announced and had a release date soon? I'm sorry that I probably missed something.

iNcRiMiNaTi2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

That's Street Fighter x Tekken. There's two versions, a Capcom one and a Namco one. The one that's been shown so far is the Capcom one

Street Fighter x Tekken = Capcom
Tekken x Street Fighter = Namco

knifefight2452d ago

Oooohhh. I did not know that. Makes sense given the two fighting systems. I hadn't heard the news though and was confusing this with the other one. o_o


Deadpool6162452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

That's Street Fighter X Tekken you're thinking of that Capcom is making. Tekken X Street Fighter is the one Namco is making.

What iNcRiMiNaTi said. ^

I guess that's information some people aren't savvy about.

cervantes992452d ago

I'm so confused.

I guess we can now look forward to the Super/Arcade/Awesome/Bestest version of each of these titles in the coming months/years.

Ghost2502452d ago

confused how? Namco is making their version "Tekken x Street Fighter" which will be a 3D fighter like all tekken games and Capcom is making their version "Street Fighter x Tekken" which will be a 2D Fighter like street fighter IV. its a simple concept people really

cervantes992452d ago

I didn't know about the Tekken version.

knifefight2452d ago

Glad to see I wasn't alone, haha XD

krisq2451d ago

That's early Ryu from TxC.

armycore2452d ago

Sigh, another article from a site that knows dick about fighting games. Hell even Harada mentioned about about doing a roster vote for the game on his Twitter - http://www.original-gamer.c...

kingPoS2452d ago

I hope it turns out like capcom vs snk 2.
Being able to chose different fighting styles
in CvS 2 is what made that game so fun.

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