Exclusive: Second Issue of Mass Effect: Homeworlds Comic Will Feature Tali

Dark Horse Comics sent DualShockers some juicy details about the second issue of the Mass Effect: Homeworlds comic series, that will be on sale on May the 30th.

The second issue focuses on everyone’s favorite Quarian Tali’Zorah in a story written by Patrick Weekes, that also wrote Tali’s story in Mass Effect 3.

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Megaton2478d ago

Are the comics any good? I've enjoyed the 2 novels that I read, but I heard the comics weren't great. Lots of retcon, like making shy, awkward Liara into some renegade soldier.

ninjahunter2478d ago

O,o Now I have to spend more money D:
Feed da Tali addiction.

jlentz2477d ago

These are actually pretty good. Who'da thunk?