Looking toward Vita's future by examining PSP's past

Gamasutra- In his latest Behind the Numbers column for Gamasutra, analyst Matt Matthews looks for hints of what the future holds for Sony's PS Vita by examining its predecessor, the PSP.

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Horny2453d ago

I really hope it doesn't fail. It's really up to us to support this device. I'll probably be switching over to more handheld gaming since I'm hardly ever home.
More support from us means more support from Sony.

MasterCornholio2453d ago

I agree the Vita is a fantastic device and we as consumers have to support it to prevent another monopoly by Nintendo in the handheld market. Because without competition Nintendo can do whatever it wants to consumers and if you don't like it there's no other choice on the market.

Ideally I want to see both handhelds succeed in the market and compete with each other fiercely.


Horny2453d ago

Yes, competition is always best for the consumer.

Not that I give a shit about Sony or ms or any of the companies but I have to say it seems like the media is trying to kill Sony gaming. So much negativity all the time and contradicting or irrelevant reviews.
We are in a recession you should be convincing people to spend money.

LOGICWINS2453d ago

"So much negativity all the time and contradicting or irrelevant reviews."

You only see the negativity because you CHOOSE to only see the negativity.

Horny2453d ago

Logic you are correct. I exaggerated it but I still see more negative then positive reviews day to day on this site.
You have a point though, people in general notice the things we disagree on because we feel like we have to argue it.

Outside_ofthe_Box2453d ago


There are MORE negative articles than there are positive ones. Thus his statement "So much negativity" isn't a result of him ignoring the good ones.

mume192453d ago

Nintendo didn't monopolize the handheld market, it was the customers who prefered nintendo portables, a lot of companies tried.

Agheil2453d ago

It will be successful. The Vita has a better launch line up then the original PSP did and Its features just add to its brighter future: Dual analogs, OLED 5inch Touch screen and back panel, Quad core chip, Social connections (Twitter,facebook, near, etc), dual cameras for AR gaming.

remanutd552453d ago

i dont really care about social integration but i'll tell you what is as equally important as the 2 analog sticks : PSN in the palm of your hands ( trophies , cross game chat , cross platform play , messages , parties and the like ) thats whats really important to me , everything your ps3 has the vita has it as well but playstation home and the vita has features that even the great ps3 doesnt like cross game chat , Near

Knight_Cid2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

"But for all that software available, the real question is whether anyone is making good money on the PSP now, and the answer is most likely no. "

atlus is, nisa is, xseed is, ect

this is a retarded areticle..........the guy has no clue

And the spin this article provides is insane

The psp sold over 77 million units

It has a library of amazing exclusives

It was an amazing handheld.

plmkoh2453d ago

It's already well known that the break even point for PSP titles is around 5000 copies on average.

I think it's quite safe to say that "making good money" is why PSP didn't go the way of the dodo bird.