Super Mario 3D Land DLC Makes A Lot Of Sense

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Gamers tired of Super Mario 3D Land (if in fact these people exist) may want to hold on to their copies. There's a chance Nintendo may release downloadable levels in the months ahead.

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FriedGoat2455d ago

What does it mean these people exist? The game was short as hell and the second half was rehashed levels. Mario 64 DS is at least 10 times better than this game. If they think that streetpass functionality where your in a small room collecting coins is fun they've lost their way.

Sobari2455d ago

The highlight of Mario games has always been the levels, so I wonder if having new levels as DLC would devalue the idea of having more than one game in main series on a single console? Not that it would necessarily be a bad thing, though. If people could get to the meat of the series without having to buy whole new games with a slightly tweaked story, I'm sure people would like that.

DarkBlood2455d ago

if its more of the same why not right? a new mario game in the same way as 3D land would only be best if your introducing new gameplay features something that would take almost too much data to have as dlc i think