NPD Fallout: Uncharted Fails to Chart

Missing from the NPD November sales charts is Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, which only managed 117,000 sales. To be fair, Uncharted did have a better first-month than Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (74,500 units), Warhawk (58,600 units) and Lair (46,500 units), but still fell behind Heavenly Sword's debut sales (139,000 units) in September.

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SDFm3rc4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

got to start thinking real carefully from now on. They surely can't afford to keep developing and investing heavily in AAA titles only to see them bomb, one after the other. It's just not a good look.

I hate to say this but I'm sure many developers are well aware of this current trend and will start treating the PS3 as a big gamble.

It's a real shame for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Snukadaman4971d ago

Uncharted in my opinion had plenty of press, just like heavenly sword,lair and even ratchet and clank. The owners of the ps3 are there....but in north america they are not buying games no matter how many people say it is good.

DrPirate4971d ago

PS3 owner buying trends stink.

Kleptic4971d ago

I don't know what the deal is...I was saying in an earlier article how I already own 9 games, and bought the PS3 in march...with several more in on the near horizon...

Only mistake I made was buying Vegas, but at that point I only owned Resistance and Motorstorm, both of which I had played the absolute crap out of...

and that Warhawk thing was debunked a while ago...Sony only released information on the retail version, which didn't fair as well (that was the 58,000 its first month or whatever...the leaderboards had 78,000 within the first few days...combining the PSN download and retail versions, the title did perfectly fine considering its online only...and next weeks expansion should spur some additional sales assuming they do a decent bundle...still pissed they are charging for it though; numerous interviews had Jobe going on about not nickle and diming us to death with it...

actas1234971d ago

I think its time for video games on both platforms to go back to the 49.99 and 39.99 dollars mark.. Paying 60 dollars for a video game no matter what it is is just "not smart" and thats my opinion. I think all gamers should buy less video games, that way publishers will lower prices on new releases..

Real Gambler4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Years ago, background music was done by one man on a cheap synthetiser. Today, you get an orchestra. Do you feel like going back to those endless 7 note melody again? Not me.

Years ago, you had no graphical artist... The programmer would sit down, draw a 20 pixels (huge, pixels, huge!) something that looked like a two legged human, and made those sprites glide across the screen. Background was blue, or green... Want to go back? Not me.

I'm willing to pay more today, because we are far from the team of 20 programmers working in a basement somewhere. I didn't buy Uncharted. I may eventually, but I had to choose. I bought COD4, Assassin and Eye of Judgment. Needless to say, my PS3 has been running non stop since then. So I don't think Uncharted didn't sell because of the price. There was simply too much too choose from. I'm sure it will sell decently, months after months. Next game on my list is UT3... Yep, didn't buy it yet. May wait until Christmas break since I don't have much play time now. But sure enough, if the big spring games get postponed, I'll have all eyes on Uncharted.

TUFFnNYC4971d ago

I know that for now PS3 owners are not buying games. But heres my take. I am not rich. So every game that comes out for PS3 i cannot get even though i want to. And PS3 owners have been a little swamped with games these past couple of months. I know i cant afford them all. I plan on getting Uncharted, UT3, Assasins Creed, COD4. Right now all i have is MLB 07, R:FoM and Warhawk. Why? Im a college student supporting myself. But thats just me. As with PS3 owners. You can say that they only use the PS3 for bluray but people used the PS2 for dvd's and now in its 7th year its still selling like McDonalds Snack wraps. The same will happen for the PS3. Mark my words.

eagle214971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

It has more legs than Naomi Campbell and PS3 is outselling 360 software in EU week ending Dec.8. Assassin's Creed sold 1 million copies on PS3, COD4 over 1 million copies on PS3 in 3 weeks worldwide. COD4 and Assassin's also outsold Mass Effect and Halo 3 on 360 in November. Even Mario Galaxy! Sorry if PS3 owners wanted in on those games in bulk too. But with only 2.6 million PS3's in N.A. it's gonna give and take. But when they finish? Uncharted will be their top pick. So what if Uncharted sold 400k (waiting for EU numbers) in less than 1 month? You sound so dumb it's unreal. It sold 50k last week in U.S. By X-mas Uncharted should be 450k in U.S. alone and 800k worldwide. Sony needs no help, that belongs to 360's international agenda (sorry). 7.2 million PS3's sold and counting. Not to mention the ass wooping hd-dvd gets..PS3 is making it happen. You are blind and arrogant.

Also...1up is talking about the top 10 american software. PS3 and Ps2 has great numbers on this list. Why do you think 360 was outsold worldwide? Games like Uncharted and Ratchet that's why....who would've thought?

Snukadaman4971d ago talking too one insulted you ps3 fans...lets show some respect and not be a friggan child with the name point is this....if orange box for the xbox 360 can sell 300k in one week..what the hell is going on where ps3's best games cant even hit 300k in 6-7 weeks...i promise you developers look at those numbers...soon some of them will figure out it doesnt pay too make a exclusive game for the ps3 when in fact exclusives sell quite poorly. and please lets not go with the usual excuses of "ohh the ps3 isnt at 14 million like the xbox". at this time last year gears of war happend too sell 1 million copies in less than 3 weeks...on the xbox 360 with 1 million more consoles then the ps3 has now at 4 million.

R M Spender4971d ago

did anyone disagree with his comment. clowns,,,,

Lucreto4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Well the attach rate is poor but it will improve. If you bought a $600 Playstation you will be a little short on money. We need to wait a year or so for things to improve. We are comparing our current attach rates to a console that came out a year later where people have already gotten over the inital price and are buying games.

That and the 360 has so many AAA games this year it would be higher.

Who is disagreeing with me is it the 360 fanboys or the PS3 fanboys.

robep34971d ago



PlayStation 3 may be commonly pinned as a Blu-ray platform, but that doesn't mean those owners aren't interested in actually playing games; the 444,000 copies of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare sold on PS3 last month are a testament to this. In arguably the month's biggest disappointment, Naughty Dog's PS3 debut, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, not only failed to show up in the top ten software sales for November, but only managed 117,000 sales, according to the NPD Group, during the two weeks it was available last month.



Sarick4971d ago

@Real Gamer

What you've said about games costing more to make is true but you've missed something. I the old days games where more of a nitch audience. Today you can't walk down the street and meet someone who hasn't played a video game. Cost are higher but the install base is also many many times larger.

Lets look at PC games they're still selling for roughly $40-$50.
This is where the companies make games and sell the consoles at a loss planning to make money off royalties and add on hardware.

I think your making the mistake that you'll get better games if you throw money at developers.

I've seen how well throwing money around works. If McRonald's hires minimum wage employees then decides to give them $10 an hour using profits from $10 Big McRonalds it doesn't make the product better. It just means less people will buy the burgers and McRonalds is throwing money around irrationality.

Proof of concept the PS3 60g had a slow launch as Sony thought everyone would pay $600 for high quality hardware.

Also don't forget aren't a few of the EA games for the PS3 $60? If your concept of $60 games = higher quality games then... Seriously wtf is up with EA?

Snukadaman4971d ago

everyone who wanted it bought it the first day it was available...what your observation does is show how more anemic ps3 owners purchase games considering they had 2 weeks too pick up the game...and only 177 people decided it was worth 60 bucks....

travelguy2k4970d ago (Edited 4970d ago )

GREAT!!! since it released so late in the month its really no mare than its first week. In my book a month is 30 days, not 11 or so...

Sorry @ below, saying the same thing, i'll give you a bubble for sayin first though.

Legend4970d ago

Most PS3 owners rent single player adventure titles these days.

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Clinton5144971d ago

Is it really so disappointing that a game that was officially released on November 20th sold that much within 10 days?

I don't mind a good smear campaign but when it's so faulty it's more amusing than anything else. It shows big time that Patrick is lacking stripes over there at This isn't the first time he's spun a story so "fabulously".

ktchong4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

"Unofficially", Uncharted was released earlier than the official street date and about one week before Mass Effect. (Mass Effect's broken street date is already taken into consideration.) So both had really been out for more than 3 weeks in November - I'm sure the sales made during the street date was broken was counted into the NPD data as November sales.

Mass Effect managed to hit number 6 on the NPD November chart, and Mass Effect is a Western RPG - a niche genre.

Clinton5144971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

but it's also fair to say Uncharted had nowhere near the gaming media coverage that Mass Effect did. The reasons are debatable of course.

ps. Any disagree you see isn't from me. In fact I gave you an agree. ;)

Danja4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Uncharted was officially released on NOV.19th..Gamestop started selling the game on Nov 16th...most ppl did not buy the game until after or on Nov don't even try to spin it around

Uncharted had no hype..well compared to Mass Effect...and the 360 userbase is bigger than the PS3's for now that didn't you expect Mass Effect to sell more..*common sense dude*...actually everyone expected Mass Effect to do bigger numbers than it did...

Uncharted should have long legs this holiday season Sony needs to just push the game like it did RFOM..

rich13er4971d ago

that PS3 owners would be jumping at the chance to pick up a game that has been getting good reviews. I was thinking about maybe picking it up. but with Mass effect, Rockband, AC, Guitar Hero 3 the funds dried up. Maybe thats the problem to many other MUST have games came out a little before it.

wil4hire4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

All of my negative talk about Mass Effect have been the glaring problems with the game. As a game, its a total flop. Nothing you say, or game sales say.. are going to change the fact that:

The animations are terrible
The Loading issues are terrible
The Framerate is amazingly terrible.
There is nothing "EPIC" about the game. Xbots were acting like they are really going to keep doing the same missions over and over again to get the "50" hour gameplay. Yeah.. Right.

These numbers show that all 6 million PS3 owners aren't buying Uncharted. I guess since everyone on this forum loves to ignore the "wait" for the future thing.. well we will just leave it at that.The PS3 is a flop (as of november) Sony should get out of the game business yadda yadda etcetera etcetera. Right? Because there is no way that a trend of the game system jumping 400% in sales are going to keep going.. and we dont like to look towards the future on N4g.. so there it is.

Uncharted is a great game, and has great new technology for games. I didn't say that, all reviewers have. There are no issues that you have to "ignore" while playing to enjoy the "flawed gem" as Mass Effect has been reviewed time and time again.

I dont remember knowing how many people Enjoyed Street-Fighter either. I just remembered I enjoyed it, without NPD numbers.

Now after saying all that.. again. I guess the PS3 is totally doomed, because it wont sell games in the future... man.. I wish I woulda got a 360.. so I could play boring ass FPS over.. and over.. and over again. Oh wait, I play FPS's on my pc-rig, infact. I play the same "AAA" games on my PC rig that are out for the 360. And I played it 4 years ago, when it was fun.(Half-Life2/CS-S)

SPiderman 3 sold a ton of tickets as well.. that must mean its good?

jcgamer4971d ago

Why are you way up here answering to me? I'm "down there" for showing your face, but that's about all you're gonna get from me...still talking junk, you ain't no real gamer...saying Mass Effect is a total flop as a need to talk to you wouldn't know a real game if it was staring you in your face!

Danja4971d ago

I think 'Wil4hire' recognises a good game when it hits him...he loves 'UNCHARTED'

Uncharted is a better game than Mass Effect even though they can't really be compared *different genres*...Uncharted blows every 360 game to date out the water dude..

so tell me what makes Mass Effect so it a good game to certain ppl yes..but not everyone who bought the game is satisified with it...everyone who has played Uncharted has nothing but good to say about it..

tordavis4971d ago

Mass Effect IS a great game. Have you played it or are you just on the outside looking in? Drakes is awesome too. Saying it blows every 360 title out of the water is far fetched. Is it as fun as Gears or does it just look better? PS3 fanboys tend to equate graphics with overall gameplay. Just because Drakes looks better than any console game, doesn't mean it's actually better. You are however, entitled to your opinion.

Here's a very open-minded review of Mass Effect. He touches on the flaws and the greatness. Yes, ME is a great game.

Anyways, Sony fanboys seem to think that the world is going to explode PS3's next year with MGS4 and FFXIII. Not a single bit of new gameplay footage has been released for FFXIII yet people are banking on it. Why is that? Anyways, PS3 will do great next year but I doubt it's just going to up and pass 360 and Wii. What we are dealing with here folks is a 3 system market and it's going to stay that way until the next generation. You will see no system failures or console war losers this generation.

TheXgamerLive4971d ago

This is sad numbers as Uncharted is the ps3's best game out.

At this rate the ps3 won't sell a million copies of a game ever.

The xbox 360 was already selling millions by now at this point in it's cycle. Developers aren't going to be crossing over to the ps3 with numbers like this, they'll re running away.

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PS3 Limps on and on4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

PS3 is a bomb, lets just face it. F*ck!!

HarryEtTubMan4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Shut up little kid.

By earaly 2008 and even beofre for some...Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Assassins Creed and COD4 will all be million sellers. They are all getting close(with the exceptoin of Uncharted but it will easily go on to sell a million and more.

I hope u know the 400$ PS3 just outsold the 250$ pleasefixme again last week. Thatas hilarious. Your brain cant reason,you're just an immature kiddie that feels the need to pick sides. A 400$ system without any of the Huge games coming in 2008(there are alot)just beat a 250$ one and a 350$ bundled with 2 games. You seriously are annoying,have no clue what u are talking about and NO.. a console that will have sold over 8 million by the end of 2007 is not a "bomb". You are just a "clown" that has to pick sides in a faky imaginary war. Guess what>? I have BOTH consoles and even though I like my PS3 more and know it will do muvh better in the long run and proablly willeven win.... this is the best Xbox ever made and also the best Hardcore gaming machine ever made(PS3 has hardcore games too...just much more innovation and variety.) We don't care what your 14 year old brain thinks. You don't know anything. If the PS3 sold as "hahahaha badly" as it did this year for the next 9 years of like it would sale 80 million cosnoles... guess what? Its gonna sale alot more than only 8 million most of these years. PS3 is gonna sale over 100 million again easy. Do u think the 360 will even break 50-60 million worldwide? SORRY... but its NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Its already getting beat by a 150$ more expensive system and the reall games come in 2008... and yea even more and better in 2009,2010. Sonys Ceo also said 2 days ago that Playsatoin Network will have everything Xbox live does by next year. EVERYTHING. But what XBOx love WONT HAVE is a online browser(internet), Playstation home, 3D virtual hall of fame(making achivements so much more than just words)... Movies and even alot of music and MP3's to compete with iTUNES. Sony is ready to go to war. One price cut and they are already winning. People want Playstation. Even 150$ expensive. If u like the 360 thats ok I do to but don't envy and attack THE BETTER system just becasue... probally in reality your mommy told could only get a Wii or a 360 and not a PS3 until the price drops to 250$. Either way u will still end up with a PS3 in the next couple years as will 85% of all the XBOTS EVERYWHERE. hahaha

lol O well. I bet u 4 of the 5 of those games are million sellers within the next 3-4 months. Also Multiplatfroms Assassins creed and COD4.

Danja4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

it funny you call the PS3 a bomb , when you actually traded in ur PS3 for an actual ticking time bomb... I hope you have fun when you get those 3's only a matter of time...

ahh btw I see you've taken my advice by changing ur


dude you seriously don't need to write a freakin essay in every post ppl aint gonna read it..atleast break it up into paragraphs makes it easier on the

skagrerrrr4971d ago

I wasn't expecting these numbers from Uncharted:Drake's Fortune.

toughNAME4971d ago

it seems like every other commercial I see is for Uncharted

ruibing4971d ago

Yeah I know, I bought one from Best Buy over Thanksgiving and most of my friends with PS3s have it as well. But I guess everyone has their own tastes.

PS3n3604971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Uncharted really is worth buyin a PS3 for. I know a lot 360 gamers are usually the hardcore open minded sort at least I try to be. The 360 has so many awesome games that I love, I just love great games period. Uncharted single player beats any single player action game on 360 for graphics story and gameplay. If it had even mediocre multiplayer it would be my most favourite game ever. It is neck and neck with gears of war for me and that says alot because I am a multiplayer whore and usually dont even play through single player games. If you call yourself a gamer at least try uncharted, whats the worst that could happen?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4971d ago

Everything flops on the PS3. Do you guys ever buy freaking games or do just buy movies? "I own the Moviestation 3" I bet the worst selling 360 game is on par with the best selling PS3 game.

Clinton5144971d ago

Some childish bandwagoner jumps into this discussion.

zapass4971d ago

no, we called it an overhyped boring slide show.

FPS nut4971d ago

bye bye to your bubbles raub

jcgamer4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Sony Fanboys WERE in fact saying "Mass Eflop" jokes, he ain't lyin' fact, where IS Crazzy Man and wil4hire...Where u at! Where u at! Talking all that yin-yang up Jason 360, don't worry...

tatotiburon4971d ago

bubbles for you jason...keep it up.

Anyway i really like Uncharted, its sad to see it flop, sorry four you devs, take my advice: Jump In.

toughNAME4971d ago

but i'm not going to change your bubbles in any way because you said 'Droid'..

..which is pretty much the Sony equivalent to 'xbot' the stupidest word on all the internets

JasonPC360PS3Wii4971d ago

I don't know what you guys are so angry for, I could go back to the good ole days when I was a pr!ck in every post. I thought that comment was kinda "light" compaired to what I can do. Putting my 360 fanboy aside for a sec, you guys do need to start buying more games. Do you realy think devs don't notice these numbers? That is the 1st, 2nd and last thing they see, they are not in the buisness of making games for a whoping 60,000 copies sold. Did you guys see the numbers for COD4? now is it realy that suprising to you that devs make the 360 their lead platform? Buy buying the movies your helping the future of Blu-Ray and hurting the future of games. Are you "gamers" or movie buffs?

Bladestar4971d ago

Jason I got your back too... + Bubbles.. tired of Sony fanboys trying to stop people from telling the truth.

tordavis4971d ago

It's not the n4g PS3 owners that aren't buying games, it's those bastards buying PS3's for Blu-Ray players that aren't buying games.

Tru2U4971d ago

If you don't have anything intelligent to say just take your comments outside and spray paint them on a wall.

Take a look at the comment from PS3n360 and learn from him. Tru gamers play games not consoles!

Drillin4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

Dont worry I got your back also + bubble for you. Sick of seeing these Sony fanboys try and take bubbles away just because they get their feelings hurt by what someone said against their console.

raub4971d ago

guess i should have explained a little better, but i wasn't going to take them, i don t take anyones, infact most of the other people who everyone hates i think are just funny, i was just saying that a lot of people aren t going to like what ya said ;)

Potty Scotty4971d ago

Bubbles for my Xbox brothers

sak5004970d ago

Bubbles up for jason and all bubbling up jason

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