HQ4Games: MW3 First Map Pack Review

HQ4Games says: "For all those Call of Duty Elite Premium members out there you have been enjoying the two new maps which have recently been released on MW3. The two maps are titled Liberation and Piazza, and are as different as two maps could be. The maps were released on January 24, 2012 for the Premium members of Elite and is said to be release to the non-premium members some time in March."

"First off the game types for the map packs seems to be a topic of concern for many players. The maps are available for play under all core game types but only a mosh pit game type is available for hardcore play. It would be nice to see all game types become available for the map packs, which is sure to come but may take some time. Besides this slight frustration the map pack release was smooth and with little reports of issues."

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NeXXXuS2456d ago

That's more or less why I stopped playing online with my friend at his place. Some parts of the map are too dark and players just sit there and wait... Same thing with Black Ops.