DiRT Showdown Preview

Pun intended, DiRT Showdown is dirtier than DiRT 3. The civility of the racetrack where competitors quaintly evade one another and the respectful turn-taking of individual competitions have been thrown out the door, through the air, and into a car glass window (hopefully several). Vehicles are meant to punish and be punished in wild events on figure-8 tracks where collisions are expected, intentional, and glorious.

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cervantes2402451d ago

Burnout is my favorite racing series, so any game that's inspired by it is one that I'd like to learn more about.

Gaming1012450d ago

Pun intended eh? Well bah dum tshh

Oaklnd2451d ago

hmmm... makes me want to see a twisted metal return

dirthurts2451d ago

You do realize there is a new Twisted Metal coming out soon right????