Dispatches From the Villain, Fem Shep

Pixels or Death's Ben Chapman explores how well Bioware have accommodated for a protagonist that can be both the opposite sex and evil, whilst only accentuating Mass Effect 2's plot and atmosphere.

"...But when the voice of Jennifer Hale is combined with the character model of female Shepard (ubiquitously known as Fem Shep), I hear something different. It’s not the stern, but compassionate voice of a hero. Instead I hear the malice-filled snarl of an unpleasant menace."

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soundslike2548d ago

Great article. I cant stand MaleShep's voice actor anymore after playing FemShep

Bioshocking2548d ago

Thats why I have two Shepards...

A Paragon Male Shepard

And a Renegade Female Shepard