DUST 514: Skills to pay the bills

If you look at any modern FPS game, you will see that they all feature some sort of progression system. Most will offer XP for completing objectives and getting kills in games. This in turn helps you rank up, which in turn unlocks more items for you to use in games. A good example of this is in more recent offerings of either the Battlefield series or the Call of Duty series. But how will this system of progression work for a truly persistent game such as DUST 514?

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MariaHelFutura2454d ago

This one of my most anticipated titles of 2012. There are a bunch of gameplay vids on youtube, I would advise to check them out.

MrGunny942454d ago

I'm gonna get this for PS3, but i wish i could have this on PC =/

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kevnb2454d ago

makes no sense at all to me, a playstation fps integrated into a pc exclusive mmo? Not just any mmo, but the most hardcore mmo out there.