Zynga copies yet another game

Days after Zynga is accused of copying Tiny Tower, new allegations arise over Zynga's latest Facebook game.

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Zardos2452d ago

That's their whole business model!

tarbis2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

"Worse, Zynga has been very open about how they do business, with its CEO reportedly telling employees, “I don’t want fucking innovation. You’re not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers”."
Wonder if the CEO ever studied in China.

Tanir2452d ago

Woooooooow he said that? lmao!

LiL T2452d ago

By the sounds of the quote, probably stuided in america. Shitty attitude, can't innovate anything themselves, and only cares about money, sounds american to me.

3GenGames2452d ago

That reply sounds exactly British to me.

LeftPawedFox2452d ago

You would be surprised how americans are if you ever actully came here, we are almost nothing like we are depicted in your skewd media. So leave your comments to yourself.

HenryFord2451d ago

But you have to agree that through your biggest media-outlets and a lot of other stuff (TeaParty for example) the rest of the world gets the image of you being morongs quite impregnated. But this happens to every other country as well - you aren't being judged by all of your actual citizens, but by the citizens who are the loudest. That this is not an actual representation of your country but rather by what ships over to the other countries.
Well... this is how the world roles - I am German and I still have to face Nazi-prejudices in practically every country I go... But if you have ever been to Germany, you would realize that the bigger part of our country is by no means racist in any way...
Not to justify prejudices here, I'm just saying...

Pikajew2452d ago

The CEO is so stupid, anyone can come up with a great idea. I dont know why people want to work at Zynga, if a boss said that to me I will leave and make my own game.

RJ20002452d ago

I think the close to 6 figure pay check would have you staying there. Its not like they are selling poison.

He had a good point that if you can do it better than everyone else then you might as well keep doing it.

Really what Zynga does great is the connect-ability it provides.

tarbis2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

damn double post.

Fatty2452d ago

Zynga is to game development what Xerox is to publishing: neither can have an original thought.

coolasj2452d ago

I don't like the practice. But, I can't blame them. It makes money. And I wouldn't give a damn about what anyone says about me, especially if I was on a yacht.