Media conglomeration in the video-game industry leads to a lack of innovation

As media conglomerates fight to succeed, they hog the spotlight. But as we see more merging companies and less competition, do we overlook smaller developers and indie games that try to get their names out?

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Colwyn2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

i cant wait for the ps vita.

Theo11302452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

For me, it's publicly traded companies. They have to answer to investors that often don't know anything about videogames, and their only vested interest is profiting. Valve, Epic games, and CD Projeckt, they answer to no one, and they take the time and have the freedom to create the projects they want.

lorianguy2452d ago

I agree with valve as they are a very good developer/publisher (they take their time and often have delayed releases as a result) as they make increadible games that have huge user bases.

However, for Epic Games, based on their recent GoW3 game, I'd say that they answer to their publisher. Would they want on-disc DLC to be priced out? Any developer would say no as they want people to fully enjoy their game, but publishers would want them to do so as they want the extra money.

I can't really speak for CD Projekt. I've never really played the witcher series.

Theo11302452d ago

In reference to epic games, that might just a contractual obligation when they signed the deal when they signed for a trio of Gears games.