Halo 3 Legendary Edition Only $59.82 .. What!? .. Wait.. Why?

WalMart marks down the Legendary Edition (the one with the Spartan helmet) to only $59.82. It begs the question of how many copies did Microsoft/Bungie expect to sell, combined with the over abundance of the Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 itself, which can be found fairly plentiful.

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Boink4736d ago

they made WAY too many copies of legendary. I love halo, but even I wasn't gonna pay 149$ for a helmet + the game.

Covenant4736d ago

Agreed. I love the game, but that's a pretty stiff price. My Best Buy store has been sitting on the same seven copies for about two months.

Now, if we mark them down to $60, I'll buy it just for the helmet, which is pretty cool, BTW.

Pothead214735d ago

yeah, waste of money imo.
but isnt the original game 60 bucks... thats like getting a free helmet!

slymaddox4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Looks like Halo was not as big a hit as Microsoft thought. To bad COD4 is way better. Maybe Bungle should have spent more time on everything.

"To the replies"
Just wait until Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, and Gran Turismo 5.

ktchong4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

beating analysts' expectation of 4 millions by year's end.

How is that not a "big" hit?

If the sales turned out to beat the most optimistic expectation by a million units (atop of the FOUR MILLION units expected,) then it's a huge hit.

iceice1234736d ago

then Lair, HS, UC:DF, R&C and Motorstorm combined, probably throw R:FOM in there too. Not as big? Wow..just wow.

Rick James4736d ago

Typical Sony Fanboy response. "Just Wait"

You do know this is a thread about the 360 right. I think your comment would be better served in a PS3 thread. Don't get me wrong I like me some COD 4, but to just dog Halo 3 reeks of pure jealousy. You keep waiting for the games you want to play on the PS3 and I will enjoy the games that are available right now for the 360.

N4Flamers4735d ago

Why dont you just wait till this games come out to post a reply.

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Danja4736d ago

yup I see alot of Halo 360 edition piles of them Best Buy...

I guess the saying was right eehh..everyone who wanted Halo 3 had already bought a 360 before the game came out...look how sales have dried up for the game overall....

socomnick4736d ago

Its at 5 million and counting m8 its only going to increase. Thing is that 120 bucks for a game is just plain crazy.

OOG FunK4736d ago

I love how you try to put halo 3's sales into a negative spin saying there drying your comments are so idiotic and fanboyish its sick......get over yourself and your ps3

Everyone knows halo has smashed every game this year in sales its kinda sick how fast it dont act retarded like its not a big thing and its drying up....cuz we all know its one of the biggest games in the world today..... and the biggest so far of this so called Next Gen since most dont count the wii as next gen

KingJames19064735d ago

"I guess the saying was right eehh..everyone who wanted Halo 3 had already bought a 360 before the game came out...look how sales have dried up for the game overall...."

So dried up means two months after the release, Halo 3 places 9th with 387,000 copies sold in November NPD. That's more copies of Assassin's Creed for the PS3 - 377,000. I'm no Halo fan, but I have a 360 and PS3. So if your going to troll, at least own the system your bashing.

skagrerrrr4736d ago

Paying 149USD for the Legendary Edition is too stiff. The 59.82USD is reasonable enough if you want the helmet.

slymaddox4736d ago

I wish I had the number of copies of Halo 3 that have been traded in at game stores. Every Gamestop I go to has piles of Halo 3 just laying around. I myself even traded in Halo 3 for COD4. I am much happier now.

BTW COD4 for the PS3

jaja14344735d ago

Every store has piles of Heavily Sword, CoD4(both systems), AC(again both systems) so I fail to see your fanboy point. So do you just base all products quality on how many their are in stock enh?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4735d ago

Yeah jaja actually I went to an eb games to get the ps3 ver. of cod4 and you know what? they didn't have any, but they had a wall full of 360 versions, so what does that tell you?

jaja14344735d ago

That they ordered more for the 360 perhaps? I know you would like to think that one system is superior to the other look for any kind of silly reason, but a game being out of stock(especially at EB games) proves absolutely nothing. Just like a game being in stock proves nothing either. In any event if you want to be so nit picky about it look at the NPD numbers...

Honeal2g4735d ago

i did the same i traded in halo3 for cod4 but i couldnt resist so i bought it again used for 49.99 wasted my money by payin for it twice..but its so addictive its like friggin drug.

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