All Wii U games do not need to be in glorious, full-blown HD- Iwata

GB: "While the Wii U is completely capable of delivering glorious HD graphics, Nintendo doesn’t think it’s necessary for all Wii U games to be in full HD. They do not want to get stuck in a tech-based competition against their rivals."

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fluffydelusions2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I don't like the sound of that but Nintendo doesn't really need OMG graphics for their games. Theirs are more about gameplay. I just hope WiiU is more powerful than current hardware.

Shubhankar2453d ago

According to the reports, it's twice as powerful as the 360 (I think). As long as it's able to produce HD graphics, it'll be good enough for me, because as you said, Nintendo games have never been about their visuals (not technically speaking, at least. Artistically they're all awesome).
But I can't wait to see how Zelda will look in HD. :D

--Onilink--2453d ago

not really because according to the rumors of the 360, the Wii U is 20% less powerfull than the next xbox, and the next xbox is supposed to be 6x more powerfull than current gen consoles..

It seems there was a significant bump im power for the WiiU with the latest dev kits, which is even better

Colwyn2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Lol. A console that is suppose to be next gen should be able to make everything in hd with no problem. I can excuse older games but all new games should be in hd on the system. Even if the game is called pong evolution, it should be in hd

Next gen starts when xbox next ps4-ver is released

Let's hear the nes fanboys apologize for shoddy hardware

lorianguy2453d ago

I see you like the PS4. I'm looking forward to it too!

Just don't jump the gun and proclaim it the winning console when we don't know anything about it.

Hozi2453d ago

haha...typical of Nintendo to hold back the best from their fans. I swear if I don't see Metroid and Zelda in 1080P I'm not buying a wiiu Iwata!!!

Abash2453d ago

If it can bell full blown HD, it should be. This sounds like an excuse for hardware limitations. The Wii U should be able to do this not be boggged down by limitations the PS3/360

360GamerFG2453d ago

Next gen starts when we say so. . .famous last words. Wii came along, weak as it is and became the most profitable console this generation and SONY are last in revenue, profits, software sales AND console sales too.

--Onilink--2453d ago

the same was said about this gen and developers could hardly reach 720p, lets at least wait to see what Sony and Microsoft actually do before talking so much nonsense.

And about the topic, he is right, why would Wii Sports, Brain Age, or whatever casual game compilation should be pushing for the best visuals??? its obvious thats not the idea for those games...

As for the real Nintendo franchises, Nintendo has always delivered amazing and beatiful graphics from an artistic point of view, and have pushed the console to the limits of what it can do, so i dont see why it would be diferent with WiiU

bergoo2453d ago

Wow you trolls don't even read the article.

If you READ it, the article says that the WiiU WILL be able to do photorealistic graphics, but nintendo, some of their games are meant to be cartoonish, like rhythm heaven.

Iwata says tho, that they'll use the HD graphics for games that can benefit from them, like Zelda.

Instead of thinking of ways to bash people, take time to read the article and enlighten yourself,... you need it.

lionelglitchy2453d ago

they already confirmed it is fully capable of 1080p graphics,he said it's not necessary for them to be in full hd.ps360 do not run games in full hd at the moment as it is

CBaoth2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

@ Bergoo
Artistic, cartoonish-styled games will indeed benefit from native 1080p resolution over 720p/1080p upscaled ones. Bastion and Kingdoms of Amalur are a few examples.

@ lionelglitchy
you're right but we're talking about next gen not this one. Seems like an excuse in the making...

yabhero2452d ago

This might be too hard for you to understand but next-gen starts when the first next gen system comes out. so next gen starts this year... duh

BitbyDeath2452d ago

@lorian, have a bubble. Well said.

Game3s2452d ago


You again lol, Wii u fail lmao, go read the article before you make a fool of yourself next time.

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JsonHenry2453d ago

I've read where some developers said they could make a game look better by running it at a lower rez with more GFX/post processing options turned on then upscale the image.

However, more often than not I bet not having a requirement that the WiiU games be presented in HD will be more of an "easy out" for devs than the ability to push the visual fidelity.

lorianguy2453d ago

So a lot of indie devs will develop for Nintendo perhaps?

So long as they don't clog up the system with shovelware like Carnival Games then I'm happy with it :)

JsonHenry2453d ago

Yes, I am positive that Indie devs are gonna use the new Nintendo machine as a new market to push their games. As a matter of fact I think the Nintendo machine will be the first to gain massive indie titles akin to smarthphone/iPhone games.

fluffydelusions2453d ago

Well Nintendo used to have nice hardware...SNES, n64, GC were all more powerful than competitors afaik. Not sure what happened with the Wii...

Convas2453d ago

The GameCube was more powerful than the original Xbox fluffy?

gumgum992452d ago

@Fluffy I'll tell you what happened. They no longer could rely on graphics to enrich gameplay experiences, as well as development costs going up.

Think about it. The NES is naturally a leap over game like Atari because of the graphics that allowed games like Mario.

The Super Nintendo enabled Mode 7 which allowed Pseudo 3D graphics for games like Starfox and Mario Kart, but also worked well to make games like Donkey Kong Country happen.

N64 - This one is easy. 3D gaming. That is all.

But by the Gamecube era they could not innovate anymore with just sheer horsepower alone. Sure they tried, but we all know what happened that Generation. PS2 happened.

If they could not create great experiences with graphics, then they would have to do it another way. Hence--the Wii.

It also kida follows Gunpei Yokoi's philosophy of "Lateral thinking through Withered Technology", which is kinda why gameplay nowadays plays higher precedent in their newer systems than graphics.

TL;DR: Graphics pushed gameplay along. Once Graphics got to a point of not doing so, Innovation through hardware took front and center.

Mikhail2453d ago

If this true, I'll buy it for the right price to complement my gaming PC/Ps3/360.....but i need some info first.

smashcrashbash2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Classic strategy. Lower people's expectations so they don't set your standards to high. 'It will look nice, not as nice as a PS3 game, but it will look nice anyway' If the PS4 and next gen Xbox come out with higher level graphics and power, the 'graphics and power are not important excuses' will start again.

Drekken2453d ago

Money, Money,Money, MONAAAAY!!

maniacmayhem2452d ago

Read the article...then you will see the point.

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