Twisted Metal Multiplayer Preview Video: Nuke Mode With David Jaffe

Morgan Webb got to sit down with Twisted Metal Co-Director David Jaffe and talk all about the upcoming racer's multiplayer modes. All in all there will be seven multiplayer modes in the game, ranging from your typical deathmatch to team based and class based modes, all the way to the super special Nuke mode that's being shown off in detail in the video below.

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HOSe2452d ago

mixed feelings about this game.

Getowned2450d ago

keep playing it will grow!.This is the Twisted Metal that I needed..needs a few tweeks imo but it's a BEAST!!!

RXL2452d ago

am i the only lazy one when it says enter your age, i only change the year?

Koelbox2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Nope you're not alone, or alot of people are born on Jan 1st.

Edit: They should just make two buttons: 18 or older? YES or NO

Legionaire20052452d ago

to be honest that age system is just stupid cause anybody even a kid could say he or is 18 to watch the video.

peowpeow2452d ago

Must be a legality thing. But the YES or NO buttons normally should suffice 3:

PshycoNinja2452d ago

Nope your not the only one lol.

cr33ping_death2452d ago

ive been born many a different year on jan 1st :)

Hufandpuf2452d ago

I thought I was the only time traveler!

soundslike2452d ago

Anybody who's played this at a trade show know anything about what framerate its running on?

lorianguy2452d ago

Could someone just answer a question for me please?

Is Twisted Metal in anyway similar to Vigilante 8? I can honestly say I'm new to Twisted Metal and would like to know :)


soundslike2452d ago

Vigilante 8 wouldn't exist without Twisted Metal

there are some differences, but overall, they are pretty damn similar

lorianguy2452d ago

Great! Thanks :)

Seeing as Vigilante 8 is one of my favorite game series of all time, I'll definitely be picking up Twisted Metal. I'll have to play the original too, if as you say, it was what Vigilante 8 was based on.

Thanks again!

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The story is too old to be commented.