Resident Evil Operation Raccoon city is amazing for fans (video)

Msxbox-world put some time into the preview build of Capcom's spin off game and came away suitably impressed with the multiplayer focused game. Check out their preview gameplay video.

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RaidensRising2457d ago

As a fan of the series this one is most def on my wanted list.

fluffydelusions2457d ago

I'm always hoping for the best from RE games but as it stands 1-3 are still my fav till this day.

Captain Qwark 92457d ago

my fav is still by a mile RE3, nothing was mroe frightening than nemisis popping out randomly. that created a tension none of them could create since then. still though, 3 is followed very closely by 2 for me, i loved the dual stories that one had.. i have missed the zombies soo much in this series that im pumped for their return.

no on that note, im usually a sucker for resident evil and pick up all their console games, this will be no diff.. it does look fun though.

RedDead2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I'm really looking forward to this game too, it looks great, and it's set in a universe I love.

I liked 2 more than 3, I agree 3 was scarier and nemesis is the scariest thing in RE so far, he just appears Randomly ready to kick your ***. There's nothing worse than walking through a random door you were only at 5 mins ago and hear "STARS!" 2, i'm not sure why I love so much. Just excellent story and pacing, creepy mood etc. REMAKE is really good if anyone gets a chance to play it, Gamecube or Wii.

RE4 is my fav though, it's simply an amazing game, while nothing like the previous ones. Damn I love RE, 'm surprised a Squad shooter hasn't come out of it before now. With the cutscene in RE2 of Hunks team getting pwned by G-virus Birkin.

bunt-custardly2457d ago

Looks like it has potential. May just hold out for RE6 though...

ShadesMoolah2457d ago

Even though they are like 6 months apart. They are different games.

Sanetoshi2457d ago

I'm generally more into single player experiences, so this game probably isn't for me, but I can't help but feel the announcement of RE6 is going to drastically reduce the number of people who would have checked this game out, which is a shame.

ShadesMoolah2457d ago

The general message here is get this game if you love the series and forget about Re6 until nearer release. Focus on Raccoon city for now.

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The story is too old to be commented.