Phantasy Star Online 2: Gameplay Footage

A YouTube user has uploaded gameplay footage from the Alpha version of Phantasy Star Online 2

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Fullmetalevolust2505d ago

Sega, we need this on the PS3 ASAP!!! make it happen!

Kalowest2505d ago

Its PC only right now; looks like its going to have low requirements.

videoxgamexfanboy2505d ago

ZZZZZzzzz.......ive never liked the gameplay of this series. i checked this video out hoping i would see something exciting but nope! still looks very boring to me. guess ill wait and see

Reibooi2505d ago

The game play is still the major flaw. The game itself looks great. Graphically it's not the best in the world but it's got a nice style and will not kill eye balls or anything(it's also not very close to done so it could improve visually)

The main issue is the sluggish and slow combat. It still seems stuck back in the days of the original Phantasy Star online. I loved that game and played it for years and back that the game play was great but things have changed and they need a faster and deeper combat system.

On the other hand if this would be a free to play game then I would surely play it regardless of the game play issues. I haven't followed super close to it so I don't know if they have said it its gonna be F2P or P2P but I would assume P2P since the original was like that.

turnerdc2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

The original Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast was F2P. It wasn't until Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 when the Hunter's License was implemented that you had to pay a monthly fee.

Reibooi2505d ago

Ah my mistake. I played whichever one it was that came out on the original Xbox and needed said Hunter license. More or less played it until a few months before they stopped service.

At the time it was a very fun game but the game play doesn't hold up these days and it looks like the game play is more or less the same just with a PC interface and more abilities and spells and such. Still if it does end up F2P I will probably be giving it a shot.

Burning_Finger2505d ago

This would be awesome on portable device like tablet and Playstation Vita.

Oh well, there's always an APPS for that. lol

gtxgamer22505d ago

ps3 release? please? :)