Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Should Head To 3DS

Chris Buffa (Modojo): If Square Enix has its way, 2012 will be the year of Kingdom Hearts, at least in Japan.

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PamPoovey2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Dream Drop Distance should of been on the PSP/PSV. KH has found a home on a Sony Console, the need to spread them across platforms to confuse us in the story, especialy with Dream Drop Distance leading onto KH3 is ridiculous, even though DDD is a 3DS game and KH3 will be a PS3 game.

BillytheAlien2456d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing with you. Who is actually happy that a game with a complicated story like KH has been put on differen't platforms, it's not fair on fans of the series who aren't made of money. Look at Chain of Memories which was on the GBA, one game...ONE SIDE GAME and if you didn't play it you were totaly lost in KH2 story and it made it less enjoyable untill you played COM and understood how the things in KH2 came to be.....and just to make it crystal clear, again, that was one game

Since then we've had 358 2 days, Birth By Sleep, Coded and coming up Dream drop distance. God knows how they are going to explain everything going on in KH3. Fair enough if the game which leads onto KH3, Dream drop distance was on the PSV but it's not it's on the 3DS, to me that dosen't make any sense.

Hopefully near the time KH3 comes out...and that will be a while away, they will do a PS3 HD Collection featuring all the spin off games...358 2 days, Birth By Sleep, Coded and Dream drop distance so fans can get to grip with the story before hand.

They really need to stick to one platform for KH, it's getting silly now

Shang-Long2455d ago

Com was a little different, i only played half of it and when i play kh2 i still knew what was going on, the ansem report explained everything.

but yeah i agree any side games that connects directly to the story should be on one platform or brand, but games like com , or 358.2 days i think are fine, since its just extra. thats just me tho

tbo. i stop caring. i figured its squares lost because i just watch all the vids on youtube, to catch up on the story.

KeybladeMaster2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I say if Birth by Sleep should be a 3DS game than KH3D should be a PSVita game by that logic.

Or does the writer only care about the 3DS. Hmmmm.....

"Now we know a lot of people scoff at the notion of ports, and they have a point. If we had to choose between new games or old ones, new wins every single time, but the fact remains that millions of Nintendo fans missed out on playing Birth by Sleep, and with over 15 million 3DS handhelds sold, there's great potential to put this adventure in front of paying consumers."

By that logic, Square should release every Kingdom Hearts game that released on DS and 3DS and port it to the Vita and PSP. See the flaw in his logic? There would be "paying consumers" on the Vita and PSP end too. Not just on the 3DS. I swear "journalist" these days.

This guy probably doesnt even want or like the PS Vita.

Edit 2:

Yup this guy really doesn't like the Vita and hope it fails.

jacksonmichael2455d ago

People complain so much about which consoles the Kingdom Hearts spinoffs end up on. Stop it. Just stop it.

Shang-Long2455d ago

Y? i wanna play all kh games but i can fork over money for a 3ds for one game

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TheUnbiasedLion2455d ago

Or how about this for a crazy thought.

Kh3 gets made and then they make hd remakes!

Kh3 is the last in the saga and i for one am very excited for when it gets announced.

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