6 Things Developers Need To Get Right for Next Gen Games BEFORE Tackling 1080p

A Digital Dreamer takes a look at 6 things game developers need to get right for next generation games before considering a 1080p standard.

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Pikajew2452d ago

People go and say how they want better graphics. If you want better graphics go to PC gaming

Jobesy2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I'm sure you know that there are many games the pc doesn't have that you can only find on consoles, right? How is the pc going to give me better graphics on Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, Killzone, Resistance, GT, GOW, etc? It can't cause they're not on pc. So until then we have to wish and wait for console tech to get better and for devs to utilize resources to the fullest.

theeg2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

well.....we will emulate all those ps3 and 360 exclusives in 1080p with 16x anti aliasing, thats one way....... probably still 2-3 years off, but it's coming soon, just like nearly all ps2 games can be emulated in 1080p on crappy 4 year old pc.

dark-hollow2452d ago

Pc would benefit from a nextgen generation.

Think about it, as a hardware the pcs are one generation above but the games itselves are still stuck in this gen.
At least multiplats.

This is a how a generation leap looks like imo:

Now, do you honestly believe that the difference between BF3 on max vs console version is as big as the video shown above?
Sure the pc version looks miles better, but if that what a next gen would offer i will be very disappointed

Dlacy13g2452d ago

I can't argue with anything the author said... 1080p is nice and all...but when you have pop in, crappy textures & shadows and up and down frame rates.... well lets just say I would rather see them shore up this stuff and then move forward.

Venjense2452d ago

I totally agree with the author.

Vortex3D2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

As for games graphics marketing. If developers did all or many of the author's suggestions but keep the resolution at 720p, it will not be as exciting as marketing the game at 1080p with none or few of the author's suggestions.

It's not about how many pixels on the screen but higher details on textures, antialiasing, etc. But marketing and consumers love big number, ie. 1080p.

As a proof, how many current gen games with great graphics details like Uncharted etc at 720p but still getting complain that it's no native 1080p? I still read at forum gamers complain why they can't get every game to run at 1080p. If the game has built-in upscaler to 1080p on PS3, those same complainers get quiet because in their minds, the game is running at 1080p. The right complain should be why so many games still don't have the needed details in graphics suggested from the article.

New hardware will get faster for the next gen but graphics don't without more work from the developers. This goes with PC argument. True that some PC games include high resolution textures, etc but the developers have to do the work which is the reason, only some PC games have them. Most just increase the resolution with same textures.

My opinion is by the time next gen consoles come out, most of the author's suggestions with still around. Some games will improve a few here and there like better AA, higher texture but don't hold your breath. Reason is development cost and time. Example, to create high texture, it takes more artist's time. Time = money. Since it takes more artist's time, it takes more artists to get all the graphics done which further increases the cost. Now combine that with other suggestions to improve from the articles. And that's the graphics department in the game. Good luck in producing a game in high quality and stay in business.

Don't think so? Look back at games that killed the developers because they decided to put a lot of efforts into graphics, character modeling, etc. Simply costed too money and time, and couldn't make back the profit. The publisher usually just close down the developers.

Dr Face Doctor2452d ago

Yeah, I'm sure the ATI HD 6670 rumored to be in the next Xbox will handle all that JUST fine. :/

Dlacy13g2452d ago

wow...just couldn't resist could you? Whats even funnier is you are trolling an article with a rumor. Are you that desperate? Come on Dr Face Doctor... why not at least wait to troll when something is confirmed for the next xbox?

Dr Face Doctor2451d ago

Trolling involves trying to trick people, I'm just making a sarcastic comment here.

spartan_dx2451d ago

haha chill out a bit man the doctor dint mean any harm, he was just sharing his thoughts

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