On XBLA Wednesday: Dig Dug

According to a game detail page on, Dig Dug is the XBLA game to be released this Wednesday, September 20th. The Namco classic from 1982 will be prettied up in typical arcade fashion. What moldy oldies will they come up with next?

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hamwise795855d ago

Since Lumines Live has been shifted from 'Coming Soon to Arcade' to the current games listing, wouldn't that suggest that Lumines is rolling out next?

Steve5195855d ago

Lumines live is about to be out, expect it in the mext month but right the the developer is try to figure out how to sqeeze every dollar they can from you. With the pay more to play more business model they have here

Steve5195855d ago

i might actually get this one rather then all the other retro games that have came out.