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The powerful PlayStation Vita offers dual-analogue controls and a big, bright screen. It's very bulky though, with unimpressive battery life, and the high price of console and games means that all but the most hardcore gaming nuts would be better served by something like the iPod touch.

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iamnsuperman2457d ago

To be fair CNET has an audience it must address and it is summed up on the last sentence
"We think you'll have significantly cheaper, more convenient on-the-go fun with an iPod touch."

To be honest the argument they make is cheap portable games. They may not be the same but the audience of CNET would want a cheaper "on the go" fun. N4G users need to take these reviews with a pinch of salt as they are not targeted at us but the average gamer

LOGICWINS2457d ago

"They may not be the same but the audience of CNET would want a cheaper "on the go" fun. N4G users need to take these reviews with a pinch of salt as they are not targeted at us but the average gamer"

I bubbled you up for intelligent.

RedDead2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

TO be fair Superman, there's a difference. CNET shouldn't be reviewing it as comparable to an Ipod touch. The two things have different targets entirely, why would one review it as such? The only reason I can think is ignorance to the difference between them. If they aren't going to review the Vita for exactly what it is, they shouldn't review it at all. Imo

dredgewalker2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I would take that review with a pinch of salt, a lemon slice and a shot of tequila :) The Vita would only be wasted in the hands of casual gamers or any dedicated portable console.

-Alpha2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )


CNet is about electronics and technology, they can't miss out on the Vita. As superman says, they target a different audience, and they made that clear. I'm sure their average user isn't fond of high price, low battery, and have a limited appeal with the games, all 3 of which may not affect hardcore gamers as much.

Those who are regular Cnet users probably wouldn't buy a Vita anyway, and those that would are probably either more experienced gamers or buying for a friend. People ought to be open minded enough to judge not the number of one site, but take the review into context.

In the same vain, they reviewed Kinect a 3.5/5 criticizing that hardcore games may not like it, and I recall then that people would say "Even Cnet doesn't like Kinect" but in context, they were criticizing things casual gamers may not enjoy

moparful992457d ago

Ok fair enough they have a cost minded audience... But here's my dillema ipod touches are anywhere between $200-$400 depending on memory size... How is it that cnet calls the vita more expensive.. Plus it seems like they are completely ignoring the playstation minis and the apps that sony are making to cater to the casual crowd... Im a little confused how they fault the vita for not being casual friendly when it actually is...

Solid_Snake372457d ago

¬¬ isnt Cnet owned by MS anyway....

JhawkFootball062457d ago

Stop criticizing a review just because the writer's thoughts don't match your thoughts.

Rageanitus2457d ago

I love these arguments where they compare an ipod touch vs 3ds and psp..

Sure angry birds maybe fun for 5 minute spurts thats it!.... there are no real deep games for the android and ipod.

I love how the h8rs like to try and convince themselves that the games are beter on the ipod/andorid...

But most of the games you pay, play for 30 minutes and then forget

sikbeta2457d ago

People, stop using the "different target" excuse, the market is built from people, average men and women, IF they want something, they'll buy it

Vita doesn't have the appeal for average people and these people is switching to smartphone casual gaming

It'd be the same for Nintendo and I have been in a similar discusion, so why it's not making 3DS fail are their games, if it wasn't for Mario games, Pokemon and some others, the portable would have faced the same fate as Vita

kaveti66162457d ago

No. CNET is not owned by Microsoft.

A 4/5 would have been a more appropriate score, considering that it's a very powerful device with a very auspicious future ahead of it, but is hampered down currently by low battery life and a few kinks that need to be ironed out.

geddesmond2457d ago

CNET have always been against Sony. From the day PS3 released they were doing comparison videos with Xbox 360 winning all the time. The ran so many articles telling people not to waste money on the PS3 or its software was crap. There is no far with CNET when it comes to Sony.

turgore2457d ago

what the ipod touch has -with a few exceptions- are not games, but excrements. The POS doesn't even have buttons.
The Vita is meant for gaming and will provide better gaming than the Iphone ever will.

darthv722457d ago

is only as good as its software. That has been a very common phrase and it fits well with the Vita. Currently there are titles that may not appeal to some and there are titles that do. No harm there.

When reviews to the hardware are reflected against software that does not appeal then the review generally goes lower than expected. That much is natural. We could use the old standby favorite of...wait till x game or y game is released.

In the end, the hardware IS more powerful than the software but the software is not really showing off what it can really do. I would not expect it to be super duper right from the start. I expect the games to be fun but also progress with the abilities of the programmers as they continue to work with it.

Without even touching one I give it an automatic 4/5. How i enjoy using it will either raise or lower my own personal score. I really cant see it going down but considering there is only 1 number higher than 4. This thing had really impress me to aspire to get that perfect 5/5.

ZippyZapper2457d ago

I would take an ipad over Vita or 3DS and I'm a huge Nintendo fanboy.

BattleAxe2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Cnet has completely missed the point. The fact is that no company has done what Sony has done with the VITA. There have never been graphics or game experiences like what we will be experiencing on the VITA, available on any other handheld platform in the history of portable gaming.

If Cnet really wanted to be fair with their review, they would have stated something like this...." if you are a casual person who doesn't care about games or quality of games, then the iPod Touch would be just right for you. On the other hand though, if you want high definition graphics and big budget high quality games on a platform that can fit in your back pocket, your girlfriend's purse, your back pack or your glove box in your car or truck, then this state of the art piece of technology is for you"

There, I fixed their review.

Abdou232457d ago

then they should not be published here.right ?!

Tommykrem2457d ago

Yeah, agree. They need to review the console for who it's cathered for. It's nearly as silly as saying "To be honest, Super Mario fans would be better off getting a 3DS, because there aren't really any Mario games on the Vita."

Well, this is for gamers and hardcore players and offer something else than the iPod, that something else is what they should focus on... in my opinion anyway.

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dark-hollow2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

CNET heads are waaaaaay up apple's a%&
The most biased site i have EVER read.

How can someone complain about price and then turn around and praise apple?
How can you compare the vita with a fricking ipod???!

Can i play AAA high budget, high quality games with proper controles on the ipod? no.
Does the ipod have a big, shiny OLED display? No.
Does the ipod have a multi-core cpu and gpu? No.

THEN HOW IN HELL you can say the vita is overpriced?
No wonder you apple fanboys are called "isheep"

dredgewalker2457d ago


mafiahajeri2457d ago

I agree stupid review ipod? LOL! you have got to be kidding me...

chadwarden2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

waaaaaay up apple's ass? nope they're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaay up apple's ass

DidYouRikeIt2457d ago

VITA SELLS - .5mil
3DS - 15mil
Step it up SONY

ChrisW2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )


Uhhhh... Sony also supports SOPA.

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xflo3602457d ago

Modified quote from Oliver twist ....

"please sir can I have some HITS!"

I mean come on cnet who r u tryin to kid? Have you been payed off by apple by any chance?!

Parapraxis2457d ago

The Nintendo 3DS' headline feature is its 3D capability, but it's really just the icing on the cake. Beneath the 3D effect lies a portable gaming powerhouse that's so crammed with features we can't imagine anyone getting bored with it quickly. Despite some flaws, such as mediocre battery life, the whole package is smothered in so much Nintendo charm that we couldn't help but have a great time when we were using the 3DS. Even in the face of stiff competition from super-cheap smart-phone games, we think the 3DS can justify its price tag."

I guess they didn't see the Sony charm and got bored with it quickly, and unlike 3DS, the price tag can't be justified in the face of super-cheap smart-phone games.... -_-

cyberwaffles2457d ago

who takes CNET seriously to begin with?

Jazz41082457d ago

I honestly think the score was kind. Outside of sony heaven people can see through the propoganda and false promises that sonys been doing for years and they are fed up.

Bioshocking2457d ago

Ok... the reason I want a vita is for the games.

I mean the roster is amazing

Uncharted Golden Abyss
Resistance Burning Skies
you know what.. all of you here know this roster

I mean, my question is how exactly is an ipod/iphone/ipad suffice for the hardcore gaming experience?

I mean the most hardcore game available on IOS is Infinty Blade, and I don't think that will suffice for most hardcore gamers, who want those big budget titles.

I mean, I regret my purchase of the 3DS on launch day as they droped the price by 80 bucks, and all I got for compensation were NES games, and GBA games... which I physically own. And I lost my 3DS, and now Nintendo tells me, I can not move profiles...

I will wait on the vita and see if Sony pulls a move like nintendo did.

That drop in price is why the 3ds is doing so well.

I will wait for 5-6 months, I dont want my wallet to be scarred like when I shelled out for the 3ds.

I think CNET is mostly aimed for the casual crowd, and hardware really is based on ones opinions.

Where as some people love and play Angry Birds and Cut the Rope for hours on end, those games keep my attention for 2 minutes until I get bored.

I would rather have an Uncharted or even something like Gravity Daze in my hands, as those games will keep my attention for hours.

I played Peace Walker for 12 hours straight....

Love handheld games that keep my attention ex Peace Walker, Mario and Lugi Bowsers Inside Story, Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, etc

Can't stand IOS games, most of the apps on my phone are remedial coin and lightsaber apps

thedude442457d ago

CNET go figure, anyways im getting this thing day 1. i hope patapon is on it, that game was so addictive.

Dee_912457d ago

talk to me when your s#1tpod touch can play bf3 cnet.
Review looks like someone from apple was in cnet studios walked a by a computer with a rough draft of a ps vita review and decided to finish it while the original author was on lunch break.

Disccordia2457d ago

Uhh I have had the pleasure of being able to use a vita for the last couple of days. Honestly, it's fantastic and my only complaints are that it sucks you can only tie it to one psn account. It means me and my gf will have to each buy one because it's such a faff to manage two accounts.

Also one thing I noticed is if you change a password or email address on your ps3 after syncing an account to the vita then it will NOT sync to your ps3 ever again (even if you change your details back) so you have to format the vita and start from scratch. Other than this, the machine is fantastic and I'm sure Sony could easily fix these issues in future.

fatstarr2456d ago

3/5 someone is salty right now.

lol when the 3DS gets bad reviews its Christmas
vita lmao 2012 the world has ended.

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TheMrMadzen2457d ago ShowReplies(2)
Mikhail2457d ago

My iphone4S drains battery when I play Rage/Infinity Blade 2 and those games are not on par with any game on Vita.

remanutd552457d ago

there you have it guys get an ipod touch for portable gaming , forget about trophies , parties , online chat , online messages , cross platform play , proper gaming on the go , full psn functionality , yeap get an ipod touch for gaming guys , i think it would be the smartest idea lol

Snookies122457d ago

Why are you getting disagrees? It's true that the PSV has all those awesome features, and you're making a point that people would want them. Anyway, I agree with ya. This review is garbage, and they shouldn't have reviewed the thing period if they weren't taking it as a hardcore gaming device. They took it as a casual gamer, and that is not going to work with something like the Vita.

one2thr2457d ago

It also has a gps, as well

GribbleGrunger2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

why do sites keep mentioning the size and then most go on to say that tablets are a threat?! WHY!!! and as far as this site goes... CNET. enough said really

LOGICWINS2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

"why do sites keep mentioning the size and then most go on to say that tablets are a threat?! WHY!!!"

Because in the REAL world(outside of N4G), if a person already has a slim Android device/iphone that plays $1-$5 games...its difficult to convince this person to ALSO buy a bulky $250 device in order to play $50 games on. It's called common sense.

"and as far as this site goes... CNET. enough said really"

You knew this was a CNET article before you even clicked on it. My question: Why bother clicking/commenting on a CNET article knowing full well that you were going to be disappointed with the outcome? It's like your purposely setting yourself up to be angry.

It's like going to a taping of Dr. Phil and saying, "Dr. Phil...nuff said" when you leave. Why are you looking for drama?

"when a product is as good as the Vita it shouldn't be compared, it should be reviewed."

It's CNET's responsibility to review AND compare products. There are many consumers trying to find the best overall portable media/gaming device for their dollar. Without comparisons, consumers would never know which is the best product for them.

@remanutd55- Completely agree with EVERYTHING you said. But the issue here isn't whether Vita offers a better gaming experience than an Android device/iphone..the issue is whether consumers are willing to spend $250 + $20 for a memory card + $40 for a game just to have that "better" portable gaming experience.

GribbleGrunger2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

the reason i click is because i want to see what nonsensical method they use to come to their conclusions. when a product is as good as the Vita it shouldn't be compared, it should be reviewed. do the analogue sticks work? does the screen look stunning? does the touchscreen functionality work? what are the games like? what's the connectivity like? how well does the Sixaxis work? none of these question warrant a comparison, just a straight up yes or no and a reason for either.

why not compare it to the PS3, it's closest rival

remanutd552457d ago

$39.99 games , just 1 has been announced at $49.99 and thats the retail copy , lets see how much is gonna cost on psn , anyways i have an android 4.0 cell phone and an ipad 2 and i have tried the vita twice , there is no way i can say that i get the same experience on those devices like on the vita .

it has trophies , messages , online chat , psn integration , cross platform play , and proper ways to play certain games , you should try Uncharted Golden Abyss , it feels , looks and most importantly PLAYS like Uncharted series on the ps3 , you get the same experience and im pretty sure Resistance burning Skies will be the same thing

anyways i think sony is missing a golden chance here , with all vita power , psn integration , social features they should release online multiplayer demos , online multiplayer betas , i mean little big planet online demo , resistance burning skies beta , call of duty beta and i think the vita could be the connected online handheld to own , everything is there to make it happen so might as well take advantage of that .

JellyJelly2457d ago

"if a person already has a slim Android device/iphone that plays $1-$5 games...and a home console that does the rest and more much better than the Vita."