How THQ's rumored closing would impact OnLive

There’s been whispers spoken in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet recently. Whispers that speak of growing financial trouble for THQ.

So let’s say THQ announces they’re effectively closing up shop in the next few days … how would that impact OnLive and all of the games you may have purchased on the service?

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PamPoovey2504d ago

Oh no, that would be terriable to us gamers....not OnLive, anything but OnLive /s

ATi_Elite2504d ago

Onlive sucks and is bound for the scrapyard.

They have already gone the streaming music and movie rout. Most areas have a very short list of quality games and MP gaming is out of the question.

A Pub/Dev would have to design a game for Onlive from the start to get it to work right but I dont see that happening fast enough unless Apple or Zynga get involved.

Burning_Finger2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Lol. I think there's only 2-3 games that are made by or published by THQ out there. Everything else is from another developers and publishers.

Knight_Cid2504d ago

this is why onlive is garbage

you would lose all of those games

and then like old reliable you would have to buy physical

killerhog2504d ago

I hope it isn't true. Thq is one of the last remaining developers I grew up playing games with in the 90's

Mikhail2504d ago

That is why I am skeptical of Onlive. Even if the internet speeds improves and cloud gaming becomes successful, I am sure MS/Sony/nintendo would offer the same service together with physical copy to give consumer the choice+ exclusives from each company.