The Bearded Gamer Show: Episode 33 - Is the Future of Gaming in the Cloud?

In this episode: exclusive content (or lack thereof) in the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter X Tekken, remote play on the PlayStation Vita, the microtransaction future of the PlayStation 3, and Skyrim's 1.4 patch are in the news. The Pull List recommends Daken: Dark Wolverine, Deadpool, Infestation 2 and King Conan: The Phoenix and the Sword for this week's comics. Finally, The Bearded Gamer discusses Cloud Gaming, not just as it exists now, but where it is headed.

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JsonHenry2451d ago

yes. But not the near future.

Hicken2451d ago

Distant future, indeed.

It won't be integral to the next generation of consoles(if ever, given how it would eat into various aspects of the console market), so that's another seven years or so, at the least. And then there's the whole net delivery that needs to be considered: not everyone has access to internet service that primarily cloud gaming would require. And by "not everyone," I mean almost no one.

Pen152451d ago

Beards suck, and so does this host.

s45gr322450d ago

Ha ha ha ha ha cloud gaming in the future hmm yeah sure the future. Come on people wake up our local video stores, music stores, and even bookstores are pretty much gone. Face it the cloud is real and is here already. Itunes, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, hell Amazon's Kindle the Ipad pretty much obliterate it our brick and mortar stores. All I hear is borders is closing down its stores. Folks who buys blu-ray or dvd films now. Hardly anybody meaning the end of physical media is near in a year or two. Videogame consoles will be replaced by cloud gaming sooner than you think. Anybody have heard of smart tvs the ones that come with blue tooth technology, built in apps like Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Facebook, twitter, etc. Google Tv the tv that lets you surf google chrome from say Sony Tv. If a tv can offer the same multimedia services as a console then what the hell do I need a videogame console for. If Onlive releases an onlive app for say smart tvs that lets me play all the multiplat games for wii u, nextbox, or ps4 why would I purchase a videogame console then. You can already play say games from the onlive service on smartphones, ipads, and tablets. I am pretty sure the onlive app for smart tvs will be released in a year or two. Hardly anybody has internet connection really what a joke. If that were true then Netflix would of have failed already and the videostores would of not gone the way of the dodo. Even third world countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico have broadband internet access. Is already possible for them to stream movies or download movies already. Folks stop living in the past the nineties are over, has anybody pay attention to the speeds of internet from Time Warner, AT&T 5mbps, 10mbps, etc. The idea that we are running dial up or 700kbps is over. The future of cloud gaming is coming in a year or two deal with it.