Mini-Editorial: Ending the FIFA 12 hacks

The following is the opinion of one editor, and does not represent the opinions of XBLAFans as a whole.

“Gamertag was last signed in on another console.” That’s what my 360 said as I signed in just before Christmas. I immediately checked the family bank account. Sure enough, the hacker had nearly drained our money, meaning that for the next five or six days we’d be living off what was in the fridge. Now the fridge wasn’t empty, but we always do our shopping throughout the week, so things that we needed to make our normal meals we couldn’t get. The family survived with no major issues, but the annoyance and utter frustration others had felt suddenly became very real. They weren’t just stealing my Microsoft Points, it could affect the way we ran our family.

Every big entity gets hacked, though. I get that. I’ve seen Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked, bank accounts, all sorts of things in my time as an IT guy. Even though I was annoyed with Microsoft, they weren’t any less secure than anyone else, it’s just that the frequency of attacks increased since the release of FIFA 12. How much? Well let’s put it into perspective: we now have roughly 20 active members on our staff. Of those 20, four have been victims of the FIFA hack. That’s a 1-in-5 ratio. That’s what’s called rampancy, folks.

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cain1412506d ago

I think this is a little drastic, but I think this has really shown why MS is often so strict with various games.

Things we all ask for one community can affect another.

TheVestman2506d ago

Microsoft really needs to come out and help these people. This is clearly and issue and MS isn't well known for stepping up very quickly to help out. Working behind the scenes is nice and all but there needs to be a supportive public face that is helping people and looking into this.

smmelton2506d ago

I totally agree with that. My guess is that publicly helping would require admitting there's a problem, and I truly think in their minds it's not an issue with security, but rather phishing scams/keylogging viruses, etc -- like every other major hack.

Whether that's true, on the other hand...

ndepetris2506d ago

I agree that EA will probably not be willing to change. Honestly the piracy is probably more profitable for them than trying to stop it, since it's affecting consumers instead of hitting them. Something has to be done though.