British news outlets 'fabricated' quotes to spin anti-gaming story

British news outlets used ‘fabricated’ interview quotes to support anti-gaming articles published yesterday and today, says misquoted charity worker.

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Snookies122454d ago

Lol that's sad... They have to resort to this to try and get gaming in a bad light since they have no real basis for anything against it. People like that just love to hate games, there's no rhyme or reason for it I suppose.

MrDead2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Ah the Daily Mail, paper for reactionary xenophobic pensioners where everything is fabricated to keep its readers terrified. Its like the UK's Fox News

wallis2453d ago

News international confuses me. One minute they're lowering themselves through ceiling panels to steal an MP's bath towel so they can prove he has super AIDS from having sex with a chicken and the next minute they can't be bothered to google a few studies so just make shit up. There's plenty of idiots out there they could have actually interviewed who would have said anything they wanted.

Mikhail2454d ago

And there are many people that believes everything the media spouts is the truth.