OXM: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

OXM Online: To say that the original Final Fantasy XIII was controversial would be something of an understatement. The game’s incredibly rigid structure, while great at delivering a gorgeous cinematic experience, alienated longtime Final Fantasy fans who enjoy the thrill of experimentation and discovery. The slow ramp-up of gameplay elements was also contentious: after all, how many people are willing to give a game 20 hours before it gets good? Consequently, Final Fantasy XIII proved a massive disappointment to many, and those who felt burned by the game may feel inclined to automatically turn up their nose at Final Fantasy XIII-2. But doing so would be a huge mistake.

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RedDead2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Gave FFXIII 9/10(this review means nothing to me due to it)

Ranma, that was the Uk one

Troll-without-Bridge2455d ago

Unless its 9.5 i wont buy it. Also because it gave a good score to a game i don't like its obviously not credible.


killerhog2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

this might be a conspiracy... MS is trying to push Final Fantasy on their platform. here in the states, im seeing nothing but FF 13-2 advertising pro-360, not one ps3 commercial/advertisement (that i witness). i say FAKE, bias, review to sell FF 13-2 by MS as the better FF 13-2 game.

that is what anti-360 owners will say.

but i gotta admit im starting to believe it too, lol. cause its true (at least for me), there's so many FF 13-2 advertisement here in the states for the 360 that i think MS has an advertisement contract with square.

iWishTifaWasReal2455d ago

what do u expect.

this site is owned by Microsoft. of course they would rate this high to get people buying the 360 version.

and what a horrible review

they forgot to mention HOW CHEESY the story is.

TheUnbiasedLion2455d ago

It seems trolls no matter what the score.

While it's not the ff's of the past I still found the demo fun and will play the game. I have come to expect ff to try new things.
If I want classic ff I will play classic ff.

Change is impossible to stop, reviewers would complain no matter what, it's their job to knit pick slightly (trusted sites that is) for the most part I think it will be enjoyable.