PlayStation Vita: Amazon's Hot Top 20

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sony's PlayStation Vita makes its long awaited U.S. and European debut February 22, and fans have already pre-ordered games, systems and accessories.

That said, we visited Amazon to see what players desire the most, and some of the results were quite shocking, given the negative press. Just goes to show there's still a great disconnect between what the media thinks versus what consumers want.

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Mikhail2451d ago

Because the media only affects people who are ignorant. Buyers of a products must not be influenced by the hype or negative press. They should know what they want to buy.

Reviews are always subjective. If you hate the vita, then don't buy it. if you want it, buy it.

Game4life2451d ago

Media is by far the most bias it has ever been. You have to take what you hear from the media with a grain of salt

Drekken2451d ago

I'm sick of them all. I don't care who it is... no one has integrity anymore.

360GamerFG2451d ago

It's so weird because the media were and are still giving VITA rave reviews. It is the consumer (Japan) that has snubbed the console, not the media.
All the media has done is report on the sales, good or bad. Quit shooting the messenger just because you don't like the message.
It Makes Gaming Cents

Game4life2451d ago

Are you looking at an alternate reality or something because thats not what im seeing.

GribbleGrunger2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

certainly not the reality i'm living in, that's for sure. there are rumours of a parallel universe so perhaps in his world MS are seen for what they are and the Vita has rave reviews... who knows. the N4Gamers' universe is a strange and distant planet to quite a few posters

although he'll probably jump on the one or two negative MS articles a year and proclaim this site biased towards MS as many others do. they're a bit like the child that pokes the dog with a stick. after a few hours of this the dog bites the child and he goes running off to his parents, holding his wounds as if undeserved