What to expect from PlayStation 4 ...

Barely begun in 2012 and rumors about the next-generation consoles have started to take care of specializing in video game news. Friday before last, the MCV ensured that at E3 this year we would have the revelation of the new PlayStation and Xbox during the conference of Sony and Microsoft, respectively. The next day the PS Magazine puts more fuel to the fire stating that the "PS4" is better than the "Xbox 720".

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Colwyn2458d ago

Expect amazing graphics and cutting edge technology

The Meerkat2458d ago

4D Graphics and 1080p at 120 FPS.

Hellsvacancy2458d ago

lol, Sony always promise things like that, doubt we'll get them, ill be happy with 1080p gamin at 60fps like they promised this gen!

Angrymorgan2458d ago

Reading a google translated article always makes me laugh.
May as well left it in it's original language lol